FLAGS - Our largest group ever, 34 swimmers in individual events.  Our boys finished 4th [highest tem finish in Tsunami history] and our girls finished girls were 16th, combined team finish was 7th place.  A total of 30 swimmers had one or more best times, for a team percentage of 88%.  Swimming all best times were Molli Baron, Andrew Bokelmann, Cody Crawford, Cole Firlie, Evan Keogh, Sarah Koenig, Frank Runge, Dimiter Zafirov.  Swimming five best times out of six events were also Shelby Villemaire, Luca Simon, Cher Patrick, Ronan Murphy, Hudson Groom, and Chloe Fisher.

Evan Keogh led the way with winning all six events and being part of the 11-12 boys relay which also included Ronan Murphy, Luca Simon and Alec Miller.  They won three of the four relays and finished 2nd in the fourth.
Evan won the 200, 500 & 1000 free as well as the 200 IM plus the 100 back & fly.  His 200 IM time ranks first in the country for 12 yr. old boys.  His 500 free, 1000 free and 100 back all rank 2nd in the country.
Other point earners in individual events were Molli Barron, 14y., 11th in the 1650. 
Julia Brzozowski, 13y., 1000 free -11th, 200 IM-12th, 100 breast-14th, 200 IM-16th.
Cody Crawford, 10y., 9th-50 fly, 11th-100 fly, 12th-200 free, 13th-50 back.
Cole Firlei,14y., 12th-200 IM, 13th-1000 free, 14th-500 free, 16th -100 free.
Hudson Groom, 10y., 7th-500 free, 10th-50 & 200 free, 12th-100 free, 16th-100 IM.
Kelsi Hart, 9y., 11th-100 fly, 12th-50 fly.
Sarah Koenig, 14y., 3rd-100 breast, 6th-200 breast, 9th-500 free, 10th-200 IM, 11th-400 IM.
Kenzie Leach, 13y., 16th-1650 free. Alec Miller, 12y., 7th-100 breast, 8th-50 breast.
Ronan Murphy, 6th-500 free, 7th - 1000 free, 15th-100 fly.
Cher Patrick, 10y., 13th-200 IM, 14th-100 fly.
Frank Runge, 13y., 13th-1650 free.
Taylor Schwenk, 10y., 12th-50 back, 13th-100 back, 15th-50 fly.
Luca Simon, 12y., 3rd-50 free, 4th-200 free, 5th-100 free & 200 IM, 6th-100 IM, 15th-100 back.
Olivia Solano, 10y., 2nd-50 free, 100 free and 200 free. 4th-100 back, 7th-200 IM and 8th-100 breast.
Katie Tang, 13th -100 breast.
Shelby Villemaire, 12y., 14th-50 fly.
Dimiter Zafirov, 13y., 3rd 200 free, 500 free & 1000 free, 4th-100 free, 11th-100 back, 14th-50 free.

In all 20 new team records were set during the meet.  GREAT JOB TSUNAMI!