April Newsletter

Team Newsletter

Volume 2, Issue 4


"You will come to know that what today appears to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment you will ever make."
~Gordon B. Hinckley

We had a very strong finish to the Championship Season!  We are so proud of our swimmers who competed at Club State and our swimmers who went to Sectionals.  We had a good amount of team records broken! 

Thank you for attending our Awards Celebration!  We hope everyone had a fun time looking back at our summer and winter meets/activities this past swim year. 

Congratulations to all swimmers who were moved up to the next group!  We are proud of all the progress and hard work you have shown!  All coaches are excited to get to work with our groups and push their achievements to new heights!

Long Course Season starts this April.  All that means is the competitions we attend will be mostly meters set up verses yards set up.
No Practice Dates
  • April 6th due to a Coaches Clinic
  • Our first Saturday Practice will be April 14th
   21st-22nd Nick Nogar Memorial
  • This will be a no time standard swim meet hosted in Los Alamos.
Arizona Speedo Intive
  • This is a fast and closed meet that only invitees may attend.  Luckily MAKO is always invited!  We do have to plan and send entries in very early.  Please look over the meet info and sign up before the deadline.  
Olympic Training Center Visit
  • MAKO will be traveling to train where the Olympians Train!  This is open to Senior groups first.  After April 20th if there are still spots open we will open it up to other groups.  If we do open it up we will send an email.



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If you look across the wide expanse of the world wide web there’s no shortage of ways to become a faster swimmer.

There are different types of technique. There are an endless number of swim practices to try. And of course, there are the considerations of dryland and nutrition.

But while it’s easy to pinpoint the reasons why some swimmers are faster than others—talent, height, coaching—there is something else that we can all work on, regardless of how gifted we are in the water…

It’s that little something-something that keeps you grinding in the pool when you are exhausted.

It’s the same thing that keeps you focused during that gnarly main set when you’d rather let your mind wander off.


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The Truth About Positive Self-Talk
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There’s a lot out there about positivity and the importance of having a positive mindset: talking to yourself positively, talking to your kids positively, even talking to your pets positively. (Groan… Yes, it’s a thing!)
All this positivity can be a bit much.
And that’s saying a lot, especially coming from someone like me who’s a BIG believer in the power of the glass-is-half-full mentality. The complication with positivity is that it can be hard to distinguish what is actually helpful and what is just, well, fluff.

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Success Board


Event Record Holder(s) Date Set Time
Male 10 & Under 50 Back Espinosa, Lucas H 03/02/2018 37.16
Male 10 & Under 100 Back Espinosa, Lucas H 03/03/2018 1:23.10
Male 10 & Under 100 IM Espinosa, Lucas H 03/04/2018 1:24.63
Male 10 & Under 200 IM Espinosa, Lucas H 03/02/2018 3:06.97
Male 17 & Over 100 Back Meyer, Eli W 03/24/2018 54.50
Male 17 & Over 100 Free Meyer, Eli W 03/22/2018 49.17
Male 17 & Over 200 Back Meyer, Eli W 03/04/2018 2:05.75
Male 17 & Over 200 Breast Meyer, Eli W 03/22/2018 2:12.80
Male 15 & Over 50 Free Pazand, Camron K 03/02/2018 22.34
Male 15 & Over 100 Back Pazand, Camron K 03/24/2018 53.74
Male 15 & Over 100 Fly Pazand, Camron K 03/24/2018 52.79
Male 15 & Over 100 Free Meyer, Eli W 03/22/2018 49.17
Male 15 & Over 200 Breast Southwell, Kendal W 03/22/2018 2:07.07
Male 15 & Over 400 IM Southwell, Kendal W 03/23/2018 4:22.61
Female 10 & Under 200 Free Chavez, Liliana M 03/03/2018 2:36.20
Female 17 & Over 50 Free Tscherne, Jazmine L 03/02/2018 25.97
Female 15 & Over 50 Free Jones, Hannah V 03/25/2018 25.33
Some of our Senior Swimmers attained Sectionals qualifying times and we went and swam at this meet in March.  We had a lot of fast swims and finals qualifiers.  Congratulations Hannah, Jazzy, Eli, Kendal, Camron, and Brady 
Club State
Liliana Chavez 6th 50 Fr, 6th 100 Br, 8th 200 Fr7th 100IM, 4th 50 Br, 7th 100 Fr
Avy Chavez-Rodriguez 5th 50 Fr, 6th 100 Fly, 5th 100 Bk,
Lucas Espinosa 5th 50 Bk, 7th 100 Bk, 8th 100IM, 2nd 50Br
Camaro Howell 8th 100Fly
Hannah Jones 1st 200 Bk, 4th 200 Fr
Rilee Jones 6th 50 Br
Serlha Kundeling 7th 100IM
Sowang Kundeling 2nd 50 Fr, 2nd 100Fly, 3rd 100 Fr
Micah Lawson 5th 50 Fr
Thomas McCarthy 6th 50 Fr, 5th 100 Fr
Phillip McLaughlin 2nd 1 Mile, 7th 500 Fr, 8th 200 Bk
Eli Meyer 6th 200 Bk, 6th 100 Fr
Camron Pazand 1st 50 Fr, 3rd 100 Bk, 2nd 100 Bk
Brady Peters 3rd 50 Fr, 5th 100 Fr
Chelsea Southwell 8th 400IM
Kendal Southwell 6th 1000 Fr

B Championships
Jake Ahyo 4th 50 Fr, 3rd Br, 2nd 100IM
Luke Bemish 1st 50 Bk, 5th 50 Br, 1st 50 Fly, 6th 100 Fr, 2nd 100 Bk, 3rd 100 Br, 1st 100 Fly
Dylan Bonnett 1st 50 Fr, 1st 50 Fly, 1st 500 Fr, 2nd 100 Fr, 1st 200IM
Maya Bonnett 7th 25 Bk, 4th 25 Br, 6th 50 Bk, 3rd 50 Br
Emma Easton 6th 100IM, 8th 50 Br, 7th 200Fr, 7th 100Fr, 6th 100Bk, 6th 100Br
Connor Fuchs 2nd 50Bk, 6th 50 Fr, 4th 50Br
Kyra Graham 4th 50 Fly, 8th 50 Bk, 8th 100 Bk, 2nd 100Fly
Richard Hall 1st 50 Bk, 5th 50 Fr, 5th 50 Br
Brandon Maier 2nd 50 Fly, 6th 50 Bk
Ashlee Mainella 2nd 50 Fr, 2nd 50Bk, 7th 50 Br, 1st 100IM, 4th 100Fr, 4th 100Bk
Nolan Ortiz 4th 25 Fr, 4th 25 Bk
Abby Patnode 2nd 200 Br, 4th 50 Br, 5th 100Br
Jaselle Patnode 1st 50Fly, 2nd 50 Br, 1st 200Fr, 1st 500Fr, 1st 100Bk, 1st 100Br, 1st 200IM
Ben Paul 2nd 50 Fly, 6th 50Bk, 8th 50Fr, 4th 200Fr, 8th 100Fr, 7th 100Bk, 2nd 100Fly, 7th 200IM
Nate Paul 3rd 50Fr, 5th 50Bk, 3rd 100IM, 2nd 200Fr, 4th 100Fr, 3rd 100Bk
Kevin Perez 1st 50Fr, 1st 50Br, 1st 200Fr, 1st 500Fr
Dani Ruiz 2nd 500Fr, 7th 50Fr, 6th 100Bk, 7th 200IM
Maya Willimason 6th 50Fr, 5th 50Br
Madi Woods-Marks 5th 50Bk, 5th 50Br, 6th 200Fr
Happy Birthday to our April Birthday Swimmers!
Jairo Camacho-Perez
Ashlee Mainella
Victor Porta-Martinez
Alexandria Vasquez
Caleb Weir
Hailey Baca
Maya Bonnett
Chelsey Southwell
Kendal Southwell
Sowang Kundeling
Rilee Jones
Liliana Chavez
Danley Ruiz
Jacob Ahyo
Arcadia Armendariz
Owen Andries
Payton  McCoy-Cornay
Jadelyn Van Sweden
Caleb Solis