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Quote for the week:

"You will come to know that what today appears to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment you will ever make."

~Gordon B. Hinckley


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Regional Results

This past weekend we had our Regional meet and the results for very good. The team took 6 swimmers to the meet, saw several team records set and high placement by two of our team members. There were over 1300 swimmers at the swim meet and over 100 teams. TAC placed 40th overall.


Lindsay Brown , set team records in the 200 fly 2:21.93, 400 IM 4:47.85, 200 breaststroke 2:29.17, 1650 19:23.05. She also placed 4thoverall in the 400 IM and the 200 breaststroke. She was 6 for 6 in times drops. A great swim meet all around.

James Drew, swam in the 100 fly, 50 free. He added a little in the 50 free and learned the importance of proper warm up before swimming the 100 fly.

Jacob Erickson, swam in the 50 free and the 100 free. A little add in the 50 free and dropped a little in his 100 free.

Zachary Harris, he dropped time in the 100 breaststroke, 50 free and the 50 breaststroke. In the 100 breaststroke he dropped 8 seconds and placed 1st overall in that event, a huge swim by Zach. He also placed 3 in the 50 breaststroke.

Ryan Horr, Swam in the 200 backstroke, he made his time cut two weeks before. At the meet he dropped another second going from 2:08 to a 2:07, very impressive since he just swam a best time two weeks ago.

Ashleigh Merrill, She dropped in 3 of 3 races and moved forward in the seedings. Ashleigh swam a 54.60 in the 100 free, getting under 55 for the first a very big accomplishment. Great to see positive movement.


A very good meet for TAC and I am looking forward to continued improvement.


Online Team Store

We are trying a new thing. Our gear vendor is setting up online ordering. They are also offering a partial return on your purchase. With your purchase the team will get a 8% returns. Hopefully next month you will also get 1.5% cash back on your purchases, they are still working that system out. You need to log into our site to see the tab. Once you click the tab it will take you to our gear site.


If you got something you need to buy go check it out.


 Contact Information:                                       
(800)214-6823                              Dan Martin
Tel:(702)696-9290                      360-510-4813
Fax:(702)696-9210                     Email: swimgear@msn.com


Spring Break

The team will be taking a break March 31st to April 8th. Practice will start up again on the 9th. This is lined up with the Anacortes school district spring break. I hope everyone enjoys their Easter and break.


During spring break, lap swim is free for TAC swimmers.


Marlin Madness April 14th and 15th

The first meet out of break will be the Marlin Madness. This is a fun meet, the older swimmers get to compete in races they normally dont get to do and the younger swimmers get to go to a low pressure swim meet and work on their racing skills.


You can get online and sign up now.


West Coast Open May 5th and 6th

Everyone should have gotten the invite to West Coast Open. It is a very fun event. The details where in the email and you can find the meet information on the team site.


A couple of parents have already signed up and have warned that the hotel on site is very full. It seems they managed to set the date of the meet on the same weekend a hockey tournament is going on. If you are interested I would recommend you start looking now.


Feel free to also come up for one day as well. The trip is very easy and the border is not too terrible. We also had some families stay on the US side of the border over the weekend.


Swim-a-Thon  May 12th

Change in Swim-a-thon date. There was an error in the West Coast Open date and the swim-a-thon. So the swim-a-thon will be on the 12th now.


It is getting close to our team swim-a-thon. This will be happening May 12th and it is our one big fundraiser of the year. If you dont know what a swim-a-thon is check this link out




This year we are looking to raise $20,000. The money will go towards updating our touch pads and timing equipment, raising money for the end of the year team gift, cover part of the cost of the team trip, purchase team equipment and create funds for families in financial needs.


More details coming, we are also looking for energetic parents who would like to partner and help run parts of the swim-a-thon.


Also for swimmers going on the team trip, 20% of the money they raise will go towards their cost.


The basic schedule for the swim-a-thon will be.


Senior, Junior and Gold swimmers can participate in the sleep over Friday Night. After practice those swimmers will have dinner and participate in a fun team activity. We will return to the pool around 8pm, swim and have fun, go to bed around midnight and wake up in the morning.


Everyone else will arrive at the pool at 7:30, they will have 2 hours to try and swim 2,000 yards. Parents will be counting and cheering. There will be snacks and prizes during the event.


Team Trip June 1-3rd

This year the team is traveling to the Tri-Cities. In the past the cost has been about $300 per swimmer. That amount covers, transportation, food, room and meet entry fees.


TAC will be taking only 13 and older swimmers. They will travel with the team, compete together, eat together and hangout together. It is one of the best events through the year.


Parents are welcome to come and watch the swim meet but they need to handle their own transportation and room.


Swimmers that are 12 and under can compete in the swim meet but they must travel with parents and it will be like a normal meet for them. They can participate in team activities but will be staying with parents.


More details will be coming out. Sign up will open up in April.     


Something New

How Youth Sport Parents Encourage Doping Without Even Knowing It!

 The use of illegal performance enhancing substances (PEDs) by school-age athletes is on the rise, leading researchers to investigate how kids develop positive or negative attitudes about doping. While many media pundits place blame at the feet of elite and pro athletes who engage in doping behaviors, research indicates parents, coaches, peers, and personal motivations play more substantial roles. Even more troubling, recent research suggests parents may inadvertently encourage positive attitudes toward doping even when they are personally against PEDs.

How Kids Learn to Accept Doping

Research has identified a wide range of factors that influence how young athletes form their views on doping.

Causes of Success

An adolescents beliefs about the causes of success in sport influence their intentions to dope. Athletes who believe success or failure in sport is due to external factors (equipment, resources, etc.) are more likely to consider doping as an option. Particularly, a 2014 study by Barkoukis indicates a belief that deception (cheating or doping) is an accepted component of achieving success (e.g. "nobody wins without it"), or was already a factor in achieving success (e.g. "everybody else already does it") is a good predictor of an athletes intent to use PEDs.

In contrast, athletes who believe effort and mastery of skills are the causes of success in sport are more likely to have negative views on cheating and doping.

Internal/External Locus of Control

A persons locus of control is the degree to which that person believes he or she has control over the events and factors that determine outcomes in life. Kids with a high internal locus of control have a strong belief they can make decisions that shape the results they achieve. These kids are more likely to view effort and mastery as the causes for success in sport, and they have a greater ability to resist pressure to cheat.

Kids with a high external locus of control believe they dont have the ability to make decisions and affect outcomes. When they dont believe they have control over what happens to them, they also tend not to believe athletes in sport succeed because of effort and mastery, and hence are more likely to view deception and cheating as a likely and acceptable path to success.

Moral Disengagement

We have all seen people perhaps our own kids do something totally contrary to moral standards and find a way to justify the behavior. Psychologists refer to this behavior as moral disengagement.

A 2008 study by Lucidi includes a helpful list of justifications people use, saying, "Ones detrimental conduct can be evaluated as acceptable because:

  • It serves socially worthy or moral purposes (moral justification).
  • It is minimized or distorted by means of language (euphemism and convoluted language).
  • It is compared with more flagrant inhumanities (exonerative comparison).
  • It is removed from personal responsibility (displacement and diffusion of responsibility).
  • Its social effects are misconstrued by ignoring, minimizing, and distorting the conducts harmful consequences (misrepresenting the harm).
  • The responsibility of it is assigned to others or the victims (ascription of the blame).
  • It strips the victim of any human quality (dehumanization)."

In Lucidis study, 762 Italian adolescents took assessment questionnaires related to their views on doping and then took behavior questionnaires 3 months later. The results aligned with international research showing PED use by adolescents is rare, but consistent at about 2% of adolescents (14% of adolescents used supplements during the same period, which was also consistent with other studies). The assessment questionnaires included questions asking how participants would act in hypothetical moral dilemmas, and how and whether they would justify decisions that broke the rules. They found adolescents who expressed greater moral disengagement like adolescents who agreed with the statement "In comparison to the damaging effects of alcohol and tobacco, the use of illicit substances is not so bad." were more likely to be in the 2% who ended up taking PEDs.

How Parental Behavior Encourages Doping

Parents have a lot of influence over the factors that influence kids views on doping, and consequently, how likely they are to take PEDs. Whats important to note is that its not just your direct views on PEDs that matter. You may be vehemently against performance enhancing drugs, but inadvertently encouraging their use through your other interactions with your kids. Heres how.

Pressure to Be Perfect

A 2015 study by Madigan examined the effect of perfectionism on attitudes toward doping in junior athletes, and found that of four aspects of perfectionism in sport perfectionistic strivings (own desire to strive for perfection), perfectionistic concerns (own desire to avoid mistakes), parental pressure to be perfect, and coach pressure to be perfect only parental pressure had a direct positive effect on junior athletes attitudes toward doping.

In contrast, perfectionistic strivings and coach pressure to be perfect had negative effects on athletes attitudes toward doping. The latter may seem strange, but the study found that coach pressure increased athletes own desire to perform at their best (increased perfectionistic strivings), and that increased perfectionistic strivings led athletes to have a more negative attitude toward doping.

What does this mean for parents? Try to encourage young athletes to want to improve performance for their own benefit (mastery of skills). Praise effort and progress, rather than putting pressure on kids to be perfect in your eyes. To prevent kids from feeling excessive pressure to avoid mistakes, or that youll be disappointed in them for making mistakes, praise effort and reframe mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning.

Moral Disengagement

Your moral compass plays a large role in establishing your childs moral compass. The more parents find ways to justify moral disengagement, the more our children learn to justify breaking the rules. Even if you are against performance enhancing drugs, your willingness to disregard moral standards in other areas (praising elite athletes caught for PED use, cheating on taxes, breaking traffic laws, committing insurance fraud, etc.) can inadvertently lead your children to have more positive attitudes toward taking PEDs.

In the Lucidi study, kids who expressed greater moral disengagement had more positive attitudes toward doping, felt their families would be more approving of them using doping products, and were more likely to be in the 2% of participants who took PEDs during the 3-months after the assessment questionnaire.

Helicopter Parenting

Kids who believe they can control the decisions that affect their lives are less likely to have positive attitudes about doping and are more likely to resist external pressures to cheat. This means your child may be less likely to take PEDs if they believe they have ownership over, or at least genuine influence in, the choices that affect their lives.

When you fail to include your kids in decision making around activities and goals, you diminish their belief they can make decisions for themselves, and that makes them more likely to let someone else convince them to take performance enhancing drugs (or make other negative choices).

Its tempting to believe only sports-obsessed hockey dads, soccer moms, or football families could be encouraging young athletes to take PEDs. The reality is there are more subtle ways parents may inadvertently encourage doping by the pressures we place on kids, our own justifications for breaking rules outside of sport, and our tendencies to make decisions for our kids rather than including them in those decisions.

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