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Dear Seals:

Below is the shortened version of how to sign up for your volunteer commitment. All other questions on the volunteer commitment are answered on the left hand side of the www.strawberryseals.com home page, under the tab "SERVICE COMMITMENT." Thank you!

Starting at 8 p.m. March 28th and continuing until April 15th you can log into your account at StrawberrySeals.com and sign up for volunteer positions.

  1. Click on the Event Registration link on the left of the Home Page.
  2. In the main body of the site, you will see a list of all events. In the Event Category bar, located above all the Events, click on Service Commitments in the drop-down menu and hit Search. You will then see each swim meet listed, and a Job signup tab associated with each. To choose a position for a specific meet, click on the Job Sign-up tab for that meet, and you will see which positions are available.
  3. Once saved, move on to the next meet, and choose a position, until you have signed up for a total of 4 positions throughout the season.
  4. There are also events titled:

Crew Chiefs & Season Long Commitments

Non-Meet Related - These service commitment positions are ideal for any family who cannot fulfill meet related positions.