Banana Meet Starts Tomorrow!

Hello Team,

The Banana Meet in Valdez starts tomorrow!  We have 34 registered athletes for this event.  Thanks to all for participating.  Here are a few details to pay attention to:


Friday March 30th

Warm ups 2-3:30pm

Meet starts at 3:30pm


Saturday, March 31

Warm ups 8:30-10am

Meet starts at 10am.  


The drive is approximately 5 hours so plan accordingly.


Jody Spansel and Anthony Spansel will have keys for HS Classrooms to sleep in.  Be respectful of the space and of others, this is a kind service. Free of charge. There will be a girl room and a boy room.

Others are staying in hotels and or with friends.

IF YOU ARE SCRATCHING please let me know since we have relays organized.

We will have a team dinner Saturday late afternoon.

Swim fast and have fun.  See you in Valdez!