Start of Long Course Season Parent/Coach Meetings!

Good afternoon MAX Families!


With the start of the Long Course Season upon on us, we are going to take some time to break down some goals, expectations, and communication with each of your Coaches!


This is also a great opportunity for the Age-up athletes to meet their new Coach! Parents, make sure you come with questions and discussion for your coach so that we can have an open dialogue.


When: Thursday April 5th

Where: At the Groups Respective pool Decks

When: Last 30 minutes of workout.


The idea here is that the athletes will still get in, still run a workout. While they are getting ready/changed the Parents will meet with their coach for approximately 30 minutes.


This is a great opportunity for us all to get on the same page moving forward. The more we can come together as a MAX Family, the better the athletes swim! Let’s make some great things happen!


MAX Coaching Staff