Virtual Club Championship: Flying Fish finish 9th

The results have been uploaded and tabulated and we are are extremely happy to announce that the FLYING FISH ARIZONA SWIM TEAM has finished the 2017-2018 short course yards season in an unprecedented 9th place in the state and 450th in the country!  We scored over 113,000 points which puts us almost 20,000 points more than we scored as a team last year, and more than double the points we scored just 3 short years ago!

Check out the full standings for 2017-2018  HERE.   

Check out FAST"S scores over the first 9 years of our existance HERE. 

Considering that there are over 40 club programs in the state and over 7000 club programs in the country this is a fanatatsic performance.  Of the 12 competetive club teams in the Tucson area, we finished 2nd!  

Tthe virtual club championship (VCC) is USA Swimming's most accuate way of measuring the competativeness of each program around the country. The program creates an "all teams start equal" baseline by scoring events via "power points" acrued in each individual single age group and gender starting at age 11 through age 18. 

  • The "mega teams" or "bigger teams" do not gain any competataive advanatge as the competetion rules only score the top 2 swimmers in each event in each age braket and gender.   
  • Also those team with one or two "superstars" do not gain much of a competative advantage as each individual swimmer can only score in 4 events each season.  

In this manner the system really reflects pretty accrately how well your program is doing from both a "depth" and "performance" point of view.  Also interesting to note is the decsision by USA Swimming not to include any performances of swimmers younger than 11 as they firmly believe that ranking swimmers younger than 11 has shown to be more negative impact on overall swimmer and team performance in terms of burn out than positive.

Delving deeper inot the details of our performance it is interesting to note that

  • our girls "beat" the boys by about 10,000 ponts
  • our area of biggest improvement was in "sprint free"
  • we did decline in one area and that was "distance free"
  • our biggest imrovement in stroke was "breast"
  • and finally asssunimg a team needs a minimum of 7 swimmers at each gender and single age braket to even field a full complement of swimmers to potentially score, our team has some definite "holes" at the 11 year old boys (only 5), 12 year old boys (only 4), 14 year old boys (only 5), and 15 year old boys (only 2).

All in all, though terrific performance and a definite trend in the right direction.

Well done team! Yup Yup