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IMPORTANT Reminders and Updates

REGISTRATION UPDATE: Practice begins in JUST 60 days!. We are at 255 registrations, which is just about to eclipse our total team number last season of 259. If you still need to register, or know a new family that wants to swim with us this summer, do it soon so you don't miss out. The team caps at 300 swimmers. The link to register is HERE For information on Mini Dolphin waitlist, click HERE.

WEBSITE ACCESS: While much of our site is available to anyone, a lot of it is hidden and available ONLY to Active families. Make sure when you are visiting the website, you are in the habit of logging on so you can view all of the content. This is especially important to view the sub-menus under the Parent tab. If you are new to the team, you should have received login information after registration. If you don't have that information, you can follow the prompts from the sign-in page for help, or click HERE for help. If you are still stuck, send us an email. Know that the Administrator does not have the ability to set or email you a password.

MEET VOLUNTEERING OPENS APRIL 1st: Volunteer signups will open on Sunday, April 1st. This is for REGISTERED families only. If you have not yet registered, and your name is on a volunteer list, we will need to remove it and welcome you to sign up after you have completed your registration. If you are a NEW FAMILY, we strongly encourage you to read up on the Volunteering information available under the Parent tab of the website this includes a list of  volunteer jobs and a description of duties(Remember to log into the site first!)Many of or Volunteer positions require training and certification or prior experience. Please don't be alarmed if you sign up for something, and we have to make some adjustments. You will get to know our Volunteer Coordinator well, and she will be there to help you all summer long on your journey.

TEAM SPONSORSHIPS: Please check your email for information on becoming a Team Sponsor. Details on this program and all the wonderful benefits can be found HERE, along with contact information for our Sponsor Coordinator if you need help. Gold Sponsors get their business logo on the back of our team T-shirt, and at the rate registration is going, we may give out over 300 shirts this year!

TEAM SUIT FITTINGS: Don't forget to mark your calendars for this! We have scheduled two team suit fitting dates-  Sunday, Aprill 22nd, and  Monday, April 23rd. Click HERE for information on team suit sales.

REMEMBER: As we get closer and closer to our first summer practice on May 29th, please continue to watch your email and check the website for updates and news postings.  If you have ANY questions, concerns, confusion about ANYTHING, please send us an email at