3-28-18 Parent Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Parent Advisory Board Meeting Minutes March 28, 2018

An explanation of what the board does was given by Nancy Kimbrough to new parents in attendance.

Old News:

Volunteers – Come out and help we can never have enough volunteers

Conversations with Coaches and New Parent Meeting— There is a feeling of disconnect among new parents on how the team works, front desk Rec Center involvement (payments/meet fees), and coach feedback.  

Kate and Cami will develop a new easy to read welcome packet to go to new parents when their account is set up with team unify. 

The Board decided to combine conversations with coaches and new parent meetings into one meeting. The time frame of the meetings was decided on 5:30-6:30. After much talk and thought, the board felt this time frame would have the best outcome for parent attendance. We realize this time is during swim practice, so the board suggested one coach attend the meeting.

Our first combo meeting will be April 18th 5:30-6:30.

New News:

Event Nights—Bring back fun event nights for swimmers. I will reach out in Weekly Update to see if a parent/s would be willing to coordinate with Coaches and plan a fun event night for swimmers.

Parent/Swimmer Mentors— the board talked about a mentor program among our swimmers and/or the possibility of a New Parent Liaison.  Nancy Kimbrough has volunteered to be our New Parent Liaison-Thank you Nancy.  For new parents with questions you can reach her at [email protected] or 970-261-5471

Team Dinner—The Parent Advisory Committee would like to have a Team Dinner sometime in May, for efforts of meeting fellow parents, and community team spirt. I will be reaching out to parents through the Weekly Update to see if a parent or parents would like to take on the planning.

Go Pro—the possibility of purchasing a Go Pro for the team was talked about.  A parent suggested this may be a good way for swimmers to see themselves swimming, and in turn, Coaches could work on technique. If this something we would like to get, we will need to talk with Ed about finances for purchase, possible fundraiser for the item, and if this is something the coaches would like to take on.  We also talked about how it would be viewed. 

The next Parent Advisory Meeting as not been set yet.