NEWS for Week of April 2nd - April 7th

The final Redwood High School meet is finally here this slide into (or out of) Spring Break week, with a hope and a prayer that there will not be any other 'adds' to their home meet schedule this season, a dive meet has also been added to Redwood's home meet schedule for Friday, a reminder that team gear will have 'brick and mortar' sales at College of Marin on Thursday, another coaches update from our very own Coach Marie, and both the Spring Break Schedule and the Mid May - June practice schedules are available now on the website.  And don't miss more details about the IMPORTANT upcoming Lap-a-thon FUNdraiser and Pizza/Cheer night!  It's all here in the NEWS!

Practice Schedule Modification at REDWOOD for Thursday, Friday April 5th, 6th

Final home swim meet for the Redwood High School team, or so I have been told. Additionally a big dive meet was moved to Redwood for Friday due to maintenace problems elsewhere.  We will use the same modified schedule for both days. Here is the modified practice schedule:

Practice Group Start Time End Time
8 & Unders (Gold and Blue) 6:00 6:30
9-10s (Gold and Blue) 6:30 7:15
11 & Ups and Early 11+'s 7:05 8:10


Brick and Mortar Gear Sales at COM this Thursday, April 5th

​For our COM families that don't make it over to Redwood, our gear volunteers will set up shop, so to speak, at COM this Thursday, April 5th during our regular practice time of 2:30 - 3:30.  Items will include small sizes of PJ bottoms, hoodies, t-shirts, etc.  Come get your gear on!

A Note from Coach Marie

Hello our Wavetastic Fans!

Just a quick coaches' note to keep you hanging ten on our Tidalwave!

We have completed week one, of two, in pursuit of Wavetastic backstroke.  Our swimmers are prefecting the ups and downs of backstroke kicking.  This week our Wave emphasis will be on the backstroke arms and body balance, body alignment, and timing.

Today we begin week #3 of our first "Terrific Twenty" program.  I am delighted with the Wavetastic interest and enthusiasm in our incentivizing (?) attendance program! Our Terrific Twenty swimmers will be SO richly rewarded!

Next week will be our "Spring Break" practice schedule, so please check it out.  We will begin Breaststroke kicking/motion during our earlier and hopefully warmer, practice times for this week.  We hope to be able to do more starting practice during this time as well.

Great Wavetastic events are on the calendar for April, so keep your toes onboard, riding our WAVE!


Coach Marie

Spring Break and May 14 to June 29 Practice Schedules are on the Website!

Feeling like one more practice schedule is going to put you over the edge?  I'm definitely with you, but have to believe that schedule changes are like exercise for the brain...a way to keep us all young (perhaps?).  Click here for the Spring Break schedule Click here for the May 14 to June 29th practice schedule.  Please note that our Lap-a-thon falls on the first day of the May 14th schedule...May 14th, that is!

Early Bird Treat:  Pizza/Cheer Night Registration form is Up and Ready!

Pizza Cheer Night is coming! Come kick off the season on Friday, April 27th from 5-8pm at Redwood High School cafeteria.   Coaches will start talking to our swimmers about this big event towards the end of this week, but since the week is light, I thought I would get ahead on posting the registration form.  If you know you will be there (and we hope EVERYONE will be!) please,  Click here to RSVP in advance with dinner payment.  $8.50/person online, $10/person at the door (Gluten-free pizza available).  We greatly appreciate online orders as they help us more accurately predict how much pizza we need to buy!!  Tadpole families are welcome and encouraged to come participate and join in the fun.  All attending swimmers must have an adult at the event responsible for them.

This will also be your opportunity to pick up your team gear suits, sweats, and custom cap orders!  WHERE:  REDWOOD CAFETERIA--CENTER QUAD AREA across the grassy area from the gym.

Tell Us More about the Lap-a-thon!  How Will It all Work?

Oh, thanks for asking!  This is a big event and a great way for the kids to feel proud that they are helping their team!  Starting at the end of this week we want to make a BIG SPLASH toward our 99% and $15,000 fundraising goal.  That means big toes, knees, elbows, and even goggles and caps all going in together towards our TEAM goal!  Not fond of fundraising?  We hear you.  You're not alone, but neither is our team in its need to fundraise.  Every team in the Marin Swim League does some type of fundraising to help cover operating costs.  What's that?  You get that its a team effort, but want to know the 'fair share' amount?  Thanks for asking!  Each swimmer's fiar share is roughly $60.  Each of us only has to raise a little for our team to raise a LOT!  Here's what our kick-off means to your swimmers:

  • Very cool customized event wristband distributed at Pizza/Cheer Night on April 27th!
  • Lap-a-thon swimmer packets will be distributed at Pizza/Cheer Night as well.  If you can't make it to Pizza/Cheer then we'll let you know how to get it.  These packets include everything for the kids that want to go door to door with their efforts!  Neighbors love to hear the kids tell them about their team and what it means to them.  Umm, especially if their kids are already all grown up...
  • For the kids who just can't get enough online time...we'd like to encourage swimmers to choose the modern approach to fundraising...once we have the website up (later this week we hope), it will be easy to go to the website, click on the Please Help Icon, click on "Promote," then click "Emails" to customize your own ask e-mails and shoot those out to all your out of town relatives and friends or click on 'Social' and  share a link on FACEBOOK.
  • When's the fun?  This May 14th Event is fun from start to finish!  It has MUSIC, snacks, goodies and raffle prizes almost every 5 minutes throughout!  Prizes include gift cards to Jamba Juice, Mags, and Starbucks!  For the kids in each practice group that raise the most money:  Coach for the Day!  More importantly, for the practice group with the MOST PARTICIPATION, a PIZZA PARTY, plus bragging rights!

Let's make this the best Lap-a-thon ever!  Many thanks to our Lap-a-thon leads this year, Katie Delsol and Karen Atwell for running this event!  GOOOO WAVES!