CIA Newsletter 2018 April - The Importance of Setting Goals

How important is goal setting in swimming achievement? Extremely. Without goal setting, athletes do not have a plan of what they want to achieve during a specific season. Check out the video below on goal setting!

The highlights are:

  1. Set a Specific goal.

    1. What do you want to do?

    2. When do you want to do this by?

    3. How are you going to do this?

  2. Make your goal public.

    1. Tell your friends

    2. Tell your coaches

    3. Tell your family

  3. Setting and working toward team goals benefits individuals as well.

  4. Be flexible:

    1. Make changes to your plan to reach your goal throughout the season

    2. Don’t stress if things don’t go as planned

As we start a new season, take the time to sit down and set goals. With young athletes it is extremely important to let them set and manage their own goals. And remember not all goals should be related to dropping time. Improving technique, learning to manage stress, and developing relationships will always be more important than dropping time, and will usually lead to fast swims!