Swimming Update


MAC Swimming

The short course season has ended, and now the long course season is here.  In less than 4 months, the long course summer championships will be here! For the next three weeks, the team will be focusing on technique to help improve the efficiency of each swimmer.


Training Schedule This Week

  • Monday 4/2 -    workout as usual  
  • Tuesday 4/3 -   workout as usual  
  • Wednesday 4/4 -   workout as usual 
  • Thursday 4/5-  workout as usual  
  • Friday 4/6- workout as usual
  • Saturday 4/7 – 7-9 am for the silver and gold teams. 

Training Schedule Next Week

  • Monday 4/9-  workout as usual 
  • Tuesday 4/10- workout as usual
  • Wednesday 4/11- NO WORKOUT due to water polo game.
  • Thursday 4/12- workout as usual 
  • Friday – 4/13- Coach Mark and Coach Dale will be attending the USA Swimming clinic in Denver. Limited coaching, but practice will be at the normal times.
  • Saturday 4/14- workout as usual


Upcoming this month-

  • The swim clinic with Conor Dwyer and Madison Cox will be held April 28th. If you would like to attend, see the event on our website, or to register- email Serena Reynolds at You will receive a conformation email and payment instructions. I just talked to Serena and she still has a few spots left.
  • The registration and PAYMENT deadline for our May 5th Meet is April 27th. This year our team manager- Shania Hewitt will be the meet director. Since this is her first time, it is imperative that the entries be completed by the registration deadline, so she can prepare properly.


Upcoming Swim Meets 

Please see the long course schedule on our website for the complete list of  upcoming meets!!

WFFM LC Spring Classic- 4/21-4/22/2018. Entries are completed. We have 14 swimmers attending the three, session meet at Kearns. Good luck swimmers!

MAC Developmental Meet 5/5/2018- This is a home meet. Swimmers may enter up to 4 events. We will need your parental support again to pull off another great meet. This meet has a Noon start time.



All swimmers on the team must have their own fins. Swimmers on the silver team should also have paddles. All gold swimmers must have fins, paddles (and a snorkel by Monday April 8th). If your child needs to order a snorkel, please let me know and I will order it and pick it up for you.

Officials- A huge thank you to all of our officials that have recently become certified, and our official’s chairperson, Mike Findlay!

Other Announcements:

Starting April 10th, we will be adding another 5:30-6:30 Bronze class.

In the Fall of 2018, we will be eliminating the Tuesday and Thursday Bronze practice times from 4:30-5:30 and 5:30-6:30. In its place, the Tuesday and Thursday class will be from 6-7 pm only, and will be for the beginning and novice swimmers. The schedule will be as follows starting September 1st 

MWF 4:00-5:00 and 5:00-6:00

T and Th 6:00-7:00 pm (new and novice swimmers)