At last, SPRING IS HERE! (Or is it? It was cold today...) We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend and an even better Spring Break these past couple weeks. There were some very eventful moments this month including Tier I and Tier II Championships, the DSSC LMR meet, and spring break training camp. We had Mini Dolphins finish their winter session, some of which were promoted to Junior Dolphins! On behalf of the entire coaching staff of WDSC, we would like to congratulate the following swimmers for their outstanding achievements that won them the Swimmer of the Month award!!


JD BLUE S1 - William Nuxbury

This month has been great for William.

All though he started off a little timid, he's quickly become very confident and capable. William always listens well and does his best, which means he's getting better every single time he comes to practice! Great job bud!

JD BLUE S2 - Emie Taylor

This month Emie has shown great teamwork and leadership in practice. She is a great role model to others with the amount of effort she puts in with every stroke!  Emie is very talented and has already improved so much, especially by attending challenging swim meets! Great work this month!

JD BLUE S3 - Breanna Batista

Breanna has blown me away this month! Her technique work has improved so much and she is really putting in all her effort to help improve her swimming! Her freestyle and backstroke have improved by far the most, also her dolphin kick is making her butterfly look fantastic! Keep up the good work!

JD BLUE S4 - George Watts

George joined our group mid-season, he has worked so hard on making friends in the group and focusing on improving his technique. George comes to every practice on time and smiling, he never fails to make his teammates laugh and support them all the time .

Congratulations George keep up the great work!

JD GOLD S1 - Abby McLeod

Miss Abby made very large improvements in March with the biggest one being her breathing for her freestyle. She had hardly missed a single practice with each one being better then the last. Congratulation Abby and keep up the amazing work! :) 

JD GOLD S2 - Alexandra Lucas

Alex (Banksy) has improved so much this month. All her hard work is really paying off and helping her technique work. Her Butterfly is looking amazing and her freestyle work is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

AG BLUE - Nadya Stefirta

Nadya Stefirta has worked immensely hard this past month and it was clearly shown at the Delta LMR meet prior to Spring break. Nadya received 100% best times in all of her races at the meet with the biggest highlight of the weekend being her best time in her 200 free relay and her 200 IM both only being 6 minutes apart. Nadya has come to tremendous focus and dedication to improve her swimming in any way that she can. Her competitive drive and team spirit are something everything WDSC swimmer should strive for! Congratulations Nadya for all of your hard work! :) 

AG GOLD - Isabel Rapier & Matthew Walker

Unfortunately, there was no way for me to pick just one person this time around. There were two absolutely outstanding swimmers who stood out this month and have earned the Swimmer(s) of the Month award - Isabel Rapier and Matthew Walker. Both of these two struggled with some illnesses in the beginning of the month that compromised their training the week before big meets. However, that didn’t stop them from trying their best at competitions!

Matthew achieved 100% best times at Tier I Championships in Penticton in various events and was able to rank within top 10 in the province for 11&Under boys’ 50 Free. But that wasn’t enough for him - he came back a week later to swim at the DSSC LMR meet as well and knocked off 2” in his 100 Free and gained best times in 50 Free, back and fly. Isabel also attended the DSSC LMR meet and achieved 100% best times in all the free and fly events - 50’s to 200’s. Her most impressive swim was the 200 Free in which she dropped 8 seconds.

This was just the first half of the month though! After a week off from school and swimming, both Isabel and Matthew came back to finish the month with spring break training camp (a tougher one than usual)! Both individuals worked extremely hard at every practice both on land and in the water…yet were still able to keep a smile on their faces and a bright attitude. I am so proud to give both of them this award; they’ve both earned and deserved it equally.


The National/Provincial swimmer of the month for the month of March was awarded to Jonathon Tuazon. I was very impressed with Jon’s performance at Tier 11 championship meet in Kamloops earlier in March!  Jonathon and his father left very early 5:00 am Saturday morning in order to arrive on time to swim as alternate on are senior boys relay.  Jon was covering for Michael Hope, who was suffering from a mild concussion that occurred at basketball practice.  Jonathon rose to the occasion and with his team mates Devon, Calvin and Tai Long he helped the boys place in the top 10 in the province! As well as doing his life time best times on the relays, Jonathon also dropped 2 seconds in the 100 breaststroke and took off 3 seconds in the 200 Backstroke, narrowly missing the B finals in both those events! We look forward to Jonathon making more of the National’s groups practices once he returns from his school trip to Italy. Congratulations Jon and thank you for your commitment to the Dolphins.