AB Update 4-4-18


Some exciting  announcements for AB:

We welcome Cal Roberts back to the ABLY coaching staff for the spring and summer season.  Cal will be taking the reigns for the Senior II group with Nik as his assistant. Cal is excited to be back and looks forward to being on deck again.  He will be limited to a few times a week during the spring time as he is a full time teacher and taking classes himself.  Once school lets out Cal will be here full time.  Until that time CJ will continue to manage the group.  Coach Nik and Mike will run the Pre-Senior group. Once school lets out Mike will need to step away as his job requires him to be there in the morning hours.  Nik will run the Pre Senior group and Grant Wethington will assist him beginning mid-May.  Grant came thru the Barracuda program and is finishing his 4th year at Cleveland State.  We welcome Grant to the staff.  Coach Elizabeth will continue her great work with the Silver group.  Brittany and Cara will be returning to run the energetic Bronze group.  Ann looks forward to teaching our young Cuda group.


Get Ready For Summer

All groups will be starting slowly and focusing on each stroke for the month of April.  All aspects of each stroke will be the goal, along with starts, turns and group expectations will be stressed in these early weeks.  Practices are limited Mon-Thurs only in April.  May will be a gradual shift to actual training and meets.  The summer season is very short so please have your swimmer back in the water as soon as possible.  Meet schedule is similar to last summer.  Look for that to be posted in the next 2 weeks.  Please reach out to your summer club friends to see if their swimmer would be interested in swimming with AB at reduced prices for the month of April and May to get ready to join their respective summer club practice in June.  A great way to get in shape and see what AB is about.   The April and May practice schedule is currently posted.  The Summer schedule will be posted soon.


AB Awards Banquet and

Please sign up for our annual ABLY Awards Banquet at Receptions in Loveland.  All swimmers on the team will be recognized.  It will be a great evening for your swimmer and complete family. The deadline to sign up to attend the banquet is Monday, April 9, 2018.  Please go HERE to register.


I AM A CHAMPION Coin Collection

ABLY Annual Support Campaign


Champion: Verb-one who supports a cause or helps others

Each year the Greater Cincinnati YMCA raises funds for scholarships to help children of families in need help participate in competitive sports, swimming lessons, and water safety classes.


This year ABLY swimmers are being asked to ?Champion? others and help raise funds to promote swimming and water safety in our area.  We are asking swimmers to collect their change to donate to the ABLY Annual Support Campaign to help grow our sport and save lives by preventing drowning.

Coaches will hand out empty coin containers to be filled on 2/28/2018.  Coins will then be collected at The Team Banquet on 4/22/18.  The group with the most money collected will win an ice cream party.


A little change can make a big difference in the lives of others.




Splash Awards Night

The annual Splash Awards Night has moved to the Madison Event Center, in Covington, KY.  This is a lovely place with free parking and greatly reduced prices.  The event will be held on Sunday, May 6th.

Award nominations will be finalized after Y Nationals.


Lisa's email address

Please be sure you are using Lisa Rushman's correct email address.

lrushman@gmail.com or lrushman@cincinnatiymca.org

Her yahoo account is no longer being used.