Short course season by the numbers

I just wanted to take some time and give everyone an update on how our short course season went this year. We are fortunate that USA swimming does a good deal of data mining for us. We can use the data in many ways including seeing how the season went and looking for ways to improve going forward.


Overall we can see that our VCC (Virtual Club Championship) score is the best it has even been. This is a great testament to the depth that we have been able to foster over the past several years. Our score puts us at 189th in the nation. This is out of over 2,700 clubs! This means that our team is in the top 7% of the U.S. One of the major factors that we look at year to year is our retention rate. We want to build a wholesome and inviting program where people feel that they belong and give as much individual attention as we can while also promoting a full team environment. Our current retention rate is at 87% which is far above the Maryland Swimming (75%) or USA swimming (69%) averages. We want swimmers to come and then stay and enjoy the process for however long their swimming careers may last.


Due to our climbing retention rates we have been forced to look at ways we can create the best environment we can for everyone. Luckily we have a good deal of backing from the Association to use as much pool space as we can. In doing so we have been able to create a fairly even spread of athletes in our program.


8 and under - 7.6%

9-10 - 20.3%

11-12 - 25.7%

13-14 - 23.1%

15-18 - 23.3%


Lastly the typical sports model calls for a broad base at the bottom going to a point at the top. Basically a pyramid. We have made a conscience effort to strive for a  more “silo” type approach where it is fairly even at all levels. All of us being competitive we would love it to look like an upside down pyramid, but we all have to start somewhere and the fact that we are able to develop our athletes year after year has been very good.


Slower than B - 27% (includes 8 and unders)

B - 22%

BB - 27.3%

A and above - 23.7%


In looking at all of this we can see that we are on our way to our vision of helping everyone achieve their success whatever that may be.  The athletes, volunteers and staff are already diligently working on this summers successes. We are very proud of everything that we have accomplished so far this year and look forward to more accomplishments in the months to come.


Coach Jeff