Wanted to make sure I get some reminders out for the modified Redwood practice schedules tonight and tomorrow, and to remind everyone that there is focused instruction this Saturday and next, in addition to the Spring Break Schedule that is in effect as of Monday, April 9th.  THERE WILL BE NO NEWS sent on Monday, (hence the early reminders).  

Practice Schedule Modification at REDWOOD for Thursday AND Friday

Final home swim meet for the Redwood High School team tonight (April 5th), or so I have been told. Additionally a big dive meet was moved to Redwood for Friday (April 6th) due to maintenace problems elsewhere.  We will use the same modified schedule for both days. Here is the modified practice schedule:

Practice Group Start Time End Time
8 & Unders (Gold and Blue) 6:00 6:30
9-10s (Gold and Blue) 6:30 7:15
11 & Ups and Early 11+'s 7:05 8:10


Brick and Mortar Gear Sales at COM this Thursday, April 5th

​For our COM families that don't make it over to Redwood, our gear volunteers will set up shop, so to speak, at COM this Thursday, April 5th during our regular practice time of 2:30 - 3:30.  Items will include small sizes of PJ bottoms, hoodies, t-shirts, etc.  Come get your gear on!

Focused Instruction ON for this Saturday, April 7th and Next, April 14th 

We skipped last Saturday due to the Easter holiday, but we are back on for starts and turns this Saturday and next!  Here's the Saturday schedule:

Practice Group Location Day Time Instruction Focus
ALL 8 & Unders Redwood Saturday 3:00 - 3:30 Starts/Dives
All 9 - 10's Redwood Saturday 3:30 - 4:00 Starts and Turns
All Tidalwaves' Swimmers, by appointment Redwood Saturday 4:30 - 5:00 Private or Small Group Lessons
All 11 & Up's Redwood Saturday   4:00 - 4:30 Starts and Turns
All Tidalwaves' Swimmers Marin Academy Sunday By Appointment Private Lessons with Marie


Note:  Private lessons should be arranged through coach Marie (, and are $50/session.

PLUS Spring Break Schedule STARTS MONDAY

Oh so important not to miss this!  Here is the link to the Spring Break Schedule which starts on Monday!