Spring Updates, Senior Champs Recap

Hello EMAC

Our Senior Group just completed an outstanding season for EMAC, and I want to follow up on a few important items headed into the Spring.

  • Meet Entries
  • Banquet
  • Senior Champs Results
  • Coaching Updates
  • Summer Session Info
  • Email Change Reminder


Please remember that due to meets filling up within minutes on the “entry open” date, we have had to adjust our file submission strategies.  We now submit a file at midnight on the day that the files open.  From there, we can make changes until the meet director tells us it is full.

I’ve recently updated our files for the following meets and I’m waiting on communication from the meet directors for finalizing our files:  GPAC Long Course Derby, LAC Memorial Day Classic, HSY/WSY Long Course Classic.  I will update these when I hear from the meet director. 

PAAC Spring Thaw: 

This meet is for swimmers who want to swim SCY or who were not able to get into the Long Course Derby.  Registration is open for this meet until April 13th.  Please commit your swimmer if you are a) signed up for the Spring session and b) want your swimmer to compete in this meet. 

PAAC Firecracker:

This meet is a Long Course meet.  For swimmers competing in Silver Champs, we will only be swimming select events at this meet.  For swimmers competing in JO, we may be swimming a heavier schedule of events here.  For swimmers 15&O trying to make Senior Champs cuts, we will be attending the SVY meet at Rutgers. 

NPAC Afternoon Pentathlon

The deadline for this meet is passed.  We only had 27 swimmers sign up for this meet and I’d like to add more.   We will be doing a morning practice and heading to the meet afterward.  If you would like to be added to this meet, please email me ASAP.  The meet director has told me that we can add a few swimmers.  


Back by popular demand, our EMAC banquet is scheduled for Friday, April 27th

We will be having some fun, dining, and coming up with creative, fun ways to recognize the accomplishments and improvements of our swimmers.  

Please save the date and join us.  More details will follow after my meeting with my official "banquet committee" tomorrow : )


Our swimmers performed amazingly at Senior Champs.  No, they didn’t all swim fastest times as people like to expect.  Senior Champs is a tough meet where swimmers struggle to swim fastest times.  Take for example:

  • Women’s 200 FR:  only 29 swimmers out of 106 dropped time in prelims. 
  • Women’s 100 FL: only 32 swimmers out of 116 dropped time in prelims. 
  • Men’s 100 BR:  only 42 swimmers out of 110 dropped time in prelims.
  • Women’s 1650:  only 18 of the 35 swimmers dropped time
  • Men’s 1000: only 21 out of 40 swimmers dropped time

Why is this? 

Two reasons:

  1.  High School swimmers have difficulty coming through a long, emotional stretch of meets that include rivalries, districts, states, silver champs (for some), and senior champs.  It’s a lot to ask these kids going through that gauntlet to keep going fast.  They get emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. 
  2. They often keep swimming the same races over and over…even after substantial drops in a previous meet. 

Our swimmers did an awesome job of embracing the challenge, maintaining great effort, and taking advantage of the swims that they hadn’t had a chance to swim in a rested setting. 

See Meet Results HERE     See EMAC swimmer improvements HERE

Swimmers who embraced off-events and used the opportunity to expand their main event profile came up HUGE!!! Below are just a few examples of this:

  • Maggie Champagne used a bonus swim to drop 11 seconds off her previous best USA 200 FR time, going a 2:03
  • Evan Bova used a time trial to get his first Senior Champs cut in 100 FL…yes…that’s right…100 FL
  • Michael Iacobelli went from a 2:08 to a 2:01 in 200 FL, made finals in the 400 IM, and used a time trial to achieve his 200 BK senior Champs cut, dropping from a 2:07 to a 1:59
  • Nick Soares dropped 8 seconds in his 400 IM, made his first Senior Champs finals in 200 BK, dropping from 2:01 to 1:56, and dropped 4 seconds in his 200 FL.  He also went from a 56 100 FL to a 54. 
  • Reilly King dropped 3 seconds in the 200 BK, used a time trial to drop 3 seconds in her 200 IM, and used another time trial to drop 4 seconds in her 100 FL, putting her within striking distance of several more Senior Champs cuts. 
  • Mikey Brennan dropped 6 seconds in his 200 FL to go 2:01.  He dropped 15 seconds in that event this year.
  • Al Bell blasted a 21.3 in the 50 FR, a 50.8 in the 100 FL, and a 46.9 in the 100 FR, making finals in all three.
  • Raahi dropped 2 seconds in the 100 BR and 100 FL, ending up on the brink of finals in both of those events.  He also matched Al’s 100 FR going 46.9 himself, making finals in both 100 FR and 50 FR. 
  • Janik dropped from a 1:57 to a 1:54 in the 200 FL.  I think, though, that his favorite swim would be 100 FL.  Janik out-touched teammate  Al Bell in the B-final of the 100 FL where our EMAC duo dominated the heat going 1st and 2nd in the B-Final…both breaking the 51-second barrier.
  • I’m sure there is more, and I apologize if I missed someone’s outstanding swims

All things considered, it was a fantastic end to an awesome season for EMAC.

Congratulations to all our swimmers, families, and coaches on a great season. 


All our current coaches are continuing with us into the Spring session.

Coach Brooke, who missed a majority of our Winter season with job-training obligations, will return to the deck on April 9th.  She will be working with our Bees and Wasps groups under Coach Mike. 

Coaches Greg and Lauren will be continuing in their normal capacity. 

Coaches Chris and Pat are working with us currently to determine the extent of their commitment.

Our coaching staff is excited to hit the “reset” button.  This upcoming season will be the first season that we will all be together at the start of the season.  Remember, over the Fall/Winter season, we lost Will, Brandon, and Brooke.  We added Coach Mike, Coach Chris, and Coach Pat.  As a result, we were in transition throughout the entire season.   We are excited about the possibilities with us all working together from the beginning of the season.   We are also committed to continually improving our coaching staff.


We continue to work on our programming for the summer. 

We will have a track for swimmers fully committed to Long Course, a track for swimmers being introduced to Long Course, and a track for swimmers who are not competing Long Course. 

We are reviewing resources and pool availability to provide the best programs possible for our membership.   You can expect information to be released shortly after we begin our season.


Please remember that as of April 9th, we will have new email addresses.

Please see page 2 of our Spring information HERE for those email addresses.