Long Course Season Starts April 9th!

First Official Email of the Long Course Season!

Welcome back to the pool! I hope everyone was able to enjoy some time off from the pool and is now fired up and ready to go! If you havent re-registered for the April-August Swim Season please let the coaching staff know and we will get you set up. Most of the training groups are at capacity, so we may not be able to accommodate all late registrations.  
Thank you in advance for your compassion with regard to the April & May schedule. We have a lot of high school programming to work around as the NT & Loyola Water Polo teams chase championship dreams this season! When pool time is available, we will try to make the most of it! 

This is going to be a lengthy email so please read the whole of it!

April 14 Hour of Power (8-10a & 9-11a) at Northfield AND Team Banquet (3-5p) at Wilmette Jr High
April 15 - $500 club swim clinic with 2000 Olympian Kristy Kowal at Northfield
April 17 Annual General Meeting with NTA Board at Northfield F141
April 27 Butterfly Intersquad at Winnetka Campus
April 28 Officials Clinic at Northfield

April 14th is a BIG day. We have the HOUR OF POWER in the morning and the ALL TEAM BANQUET in the afternoon.  Hopefully you and your athletes can attend both events.

Hour Of Power Information
Our team goal this year is $30,000. Last year we raised $27K so were going to try to up the ante a little bit and see what our team is capable of.  I encourage all athletes (Masters, Water Polo & Swimmers) to sign up to participate in one of the two sessions as well as raise a little dough!

When you log into the team website theres a very easy tutorial to help raise money through emails and/or social media  - online donations are the way to go although we will be accepting donations at the door.  
Athletes (of any age or sport) who raise $500 by the 14th will be able to take part in a special swim/eggbeater clinic & lunch 12-2p on Sunday, April 15th  from 12-2p with 2000 Olympic Silver Medalist and former world record holder, Kristy Kowal (more on her tomorrow!).

We have a series of fun events leading up to the main event this year all proceeds to HoP.
Pre-registration is required all events are on the TEAM EVENTS page on the website just sign up as your athlete, and note the name of the person (unless it IS the athlete&) attending in the NOTES section. Space is limited!

Tuesday, April 10 YOGA 6-7p at Northfield Free donations encouraged
Wednesday, April 11 Cyclebar Evanston 730-830p Donate to ride&Coach Brendan will be in house to ride along! Must be 411" to ride.

Thursday, April 12 YOGA 6-7p at Northfield FREE donations encouraged
Friday, April 13 Cyclebar Eva
nston430-530p Donate to ride&Coach Alexis will be in house attempting not to cry while participating in a land sport. Must be 411" to ride.

Please make sure to sign up all your athletes online  for one of the two RELAY sessions for the 14th.  All athletes will just be swimming 25s in a relay style and the relays are about 10-12 kids per relay, with mixed ages and abilities its an awesome time! Theres a bunch of strokes, teamwork and glowsticks!  ((Also sign up for food donations and/or volunteer poisitons for the session when your athlete is swimming&its a great way to get to know the coaches and more of the team family!))

Team Banquet!
April 14th
3-5p at Wilmette Junior High
Guest Inspirational Speaker Kristy Kowal, 2000 Olympian
FREE for the whole family.

Celebrate the season with the entire team family! Every attending athlete gets a special season gift and we will be highlighting some of the best achievements and motivating moments of the season.

Here's a great article about Kristy Kowal and why her story matters! 

Also...Please send any photos or fun videos from the season to Coach Alexis for the annual slide show.

Annual General Meeting
April 17th
7p at Northfield in Room F141

Join the NTA board in the general meeting to hear all the goings on and plans for the future&you might even want to get involved!

April 27
Butterfly Intersquad

545p (tentative start time) at Winnetka

Please register to participate in the Butterfly intersquad&we have a tight battle between our three teams Hammerheads 3076, Makos - 3021.5, Tigersharks - 2852.5 and only one more intersquad to go after this one. Winning team will get an award after the final intersquad in May to commemorate their victory!

Heres the quiz question for the day&
What was the first ship to use the morse code message dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dot?
Good for one Team Nalgene!

April 28
Officials Clinic
8-2p at Northfield

Please check the event sign up online for information on the FOUR different kinds of training we will be offering on this Saturday. NTA will reimburse ANY parent who participates in the training this is a great way to learn more about the sport as well as an even better way to show your athlete how much you support them.  I truly appreciate all the hard work officials put forth to make our sport a success and I would LOVE to see more officials from our program&its one of my big goals to have our program be a leader in Illinois when it comes to providing officials and creating great competitions.

To sign up Commit on our website and also set up an account with Illinois Swimming and sign up there. If you have questions about the process or officiating our new Director of Operations, Blake Mock has a wealth of experience in officiating and he will be happy to answer any question. Email him at bmock@swimntsc.org or stop by the office during our office hours.

A few MYTHS about officiating:

I have to know about swimming....FALSE. Actually the BEST officials are the ones who werent swimmers, because they have no prior expectation of the sport and can evaluate swimming at face value.

I have to work at EVERY meet&FALSE. While many officials CHOOSE to work at every meet, thats usually a personal preference to sitting in the stands watching 30 heats of LCM 200 breaststroke. The minimum requirement to stay active is 10 sessions of a meet. If you JUST officiated at our meets and our intersquad&youd be set. Heck, if you just officiated at sessions your kids swam at, youd be set.

I wont see my kids swim&FALSE. Youll find that most officiating crews make an effort to make sure that you are rotated off while your kid swims and youll get to see it from SUPER close up because youre on deck.

I wont be able to talk to my kids&FALSE. Since youre on deck, they can come say hi all the time. Usually its just to ask for money, but at least theyll say hello!

The coaches will get mad at me&FALSE&well, kind of. The NTA coaches will NEVER get mad at you. And in some of the more minor officiating roles, you wont even have to talk to a coach, thats what the Chief Judge, the Deck Referee and the Meet Referee are for. And if a coach gets in your face, thats just making them look really really un-cool.

Thats it for today&thats a lot actually.
Thank you for reading this far...if you got here, reward yourself with a high-5! 

Quick accolade one of our Senior athletes, Charlie Scheinfeld, is participating in the Irish Open as part of the NCSA All-Star team and yesterday, he won a bronze medal in the 100 brst with a time of 1:02.14! Tonight he is in the A final of the 200 breaststroke!  Check out his photo on our website/Twitter/Instagram!