2018 Spring/Summer Roster Group Placements

L4A Families,

We are looking forward to starting the 2018 Spring/Summer Season! The stroke clinics went well and we started to build on many fundamentals of all four strokes as well as work on turns and starts. 

The 2018 Spring/Summer roster groups are as follows:


Caleb Aman

Peyton Werner


Gold II:

Charile Bunn

Zoey Ahrens

Eve Berg

Sam Galvin

Megan Greenley

Katerina Shinbori

Emily VanDeWiele

Kathryn Miletich

Bella Miletich


Gold Jr:

Carter Anderson

Maci Greenley

Cody Werner

Max Werner

Riley Wehr

Alyssa Witt


Gold I:

Katie Curtis

Sam Mitvalsky

Noah Mitvalsky

Sadie West

Madeline Witt


Silver II:

Jenna Ripley

Katie Ripley

Malia Shinbori

Cade Barnes

Leilah Gaither

Simone Green

Trey Gross

Carter Dougherty

Gabbie Hason

Emily See

Mary Selden

Abby Selden

Mallory Smith

Sophia Food

Savannah Smith

Jenna VanDeWalle

Hollye Gutierrez

Valerie Gutierrez


Silver I:

Robbie Curtis

Ian Chandler

Jacob Mitvalsky

Halima Talbi

Cameron Cunningham

Olivia Mortiboy

Stephanie Stellmach

Lance Gray



Kate Dougherty

Brendan Dougherty

Izzie Hanson

Taylor Harris

Abigail Holland

Nisha Siva

These are the names that have already gone through the registration process for the 2018 Spring/Summer Season. If you do not see your child's name on the following roster list and intend to start swim practice on Monday, April 9 please email Coach Alexa at
L4A Coaching Staff