March CAATastic Swimmers


Stroke Development – Teoman Champagne

Teoman brings some swagger and a positive attitude to the pool.  Over the last month he’s been working on getting the details correct (using patience in the breaststroke glide to be faster with less effort).  That focus led success in practice and meets.  At the Last Chance meet he went 6-of-8 best times.  In the WoW sets, he consistently ranks in the top tier.  Great job, Teoman! 


Age Group – Natalie Brown

Natalie has always brought intensity to practices.  During March, she added attention to detail to that intensity, in particular with her backstroke underwaters and kick sets.  The focus and effort helped her make the jump to the A interval and helped her go 4-for-4 at the Last Chance meet.  In practices she as established herself as one of the top kickers in the group.  I am excited to see her continue to bring this focus to other areas of her swimming (stroke count?  Breaststroke pullouts?).  Great job, Natalie!


Fitness – Claire Gordon

Claire Gordon has shown excellent work during practices she has to improve her strokes and her swimming times. Also, Clair has to be one of the top swimmers for Workout Wednesdays for the Central area site. Keep up the good work.


Age Group Performance – Anders Pearson

Anders was on a mission this month. He worked hard to perform well at Regionals and his work paid off. He finaled in all of his events and took advantage of every second swim by moving up places and dropping more time! Awesome job Ders!


Senior – Sam Bert

Sam had one of the highest attendances for the month of March, and swam really well at Age Group Regionals. At the meet Sam dropped more than a second in his 100 back, swam life time best times on relays, and was a vocal cheerer and leader at the meet.



All Groups…

We want to recognize the Tukwila site on a great short course season.  With all the fun and exciting changes that’s currently happening with our team, this group has been doing a great job making changes since September.  When we started, we asked them to work hard, step out of their comfort zone and to trust the process – it has been a fun season watching them do just that!  These kids are great teammates, hard workers, and coaching them this season has been fun!  Keep it up, Tukwila – we look forward to seeing what the long course season has in store for all of you!



CF – Alice Starostin

Alice has payed very close attention to the skills chart we have for our CAATfish. While she does love breast stroke the most, she knows that she needs to practice other skills to improve her swimming as a whole. Alice is always excited when she shows up to practice and is very willing to try new things. The willingness to try new things helps her learn skills and be comfortable with them quicky.


SD – Anthony Vu

Anthony, while a quiet kid, is also a very hard-working swimmer. He shows up every day focused and ready to learn. This is a great quality as it will help him learn new skills more comfortably and reinforce older skills. Anthony is very coachable as he takes constructive criticism well and is able to make positive adjustments to his swimming.


Age Group – Will Ross

Will has always been a quick learner and has shown to understand what is needed for each stroke. More importantly, he has shown to fully support his team mates. Will became sick, making him unable participate in a swim meet and a few practices. I was more than impressed to see Will show up anyway and show support for the team. These are qualities of a great team mate that build a strong community.


AGP/SN – Maya Gheewala

Maya has shown immense determination and accountability for her swimming. She is able to quickly understand race strategy and know all aspect of a recent race. This is most notably shown at Regionals in her 200 fly. Maya raced it one day (with a best time) and then entered the time trial where she was able to get the team record! Additionally, she has shown to be a great team player by being supportive for ALL team mates and sticking around to count laps at the Swim-a-thon.