NDLSC BoD Open Positions

The North Dakota LSC (“NDLSC”) is responsible for promoting the sport of swimming for the benefit of its members, and it could not operate without the help of dedicated volunteers.  The NDLSC is currently seeking interested individuals to serve on its Board of Directors (“BoD”) in the following capacities:

Administrative Vice Chair - The Administrative Vice-Chair conducts meetings in the absence of the General Chair and aids in the development of policy for the NDLSC.

Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for keeping a record of all meetings of the House of Delegates and BoD, conducting official correspondence, issuing meeting and other notices and making required reports to USA Swimming.

Registration Chair - The Registration Chair is responsible for the registration of all swimmers in the NDLSC and for aiding in the development of policy and procedure pertaining to registration.

Senior Vice Chair - The Senior Vice Chair serves a liaison to the Athlete Representatives and is responsible for coordinating the arrangements for Team North Dakota’s participation in the Central Zones and Midwest All Star Meets.

Disability & Diversity Chair - The Disability & Diversity Chair serves as a liaison between the NDLSC and the USA Swimming Disability and Diversity Committees and helps promote the membership of people with disabilities and diverse backgrounds.

If you have any questions regarding these positions or are interesting in serving on the BoD, please contact one of the following Nominating Committee members by April 15, 2018:

Wayne Mastel             waynemastel@msn.com

Lisa Montplaisir          lisa.montplaisir@gmail.com

Paul Sjurseth               psjurseth@msn.com

Jason Rist                    jason.a.rist@medtronic.com

Rylie Webb                 ryliewebb13@gmail.com