Canadian Swimming Championships - Day 4 Report

 08 April 2018 (Montreal, QC) - The last day, the fast day! We have said it over and over again, and we keep saying it, so that must make it true, but Cascade always goes hard and swims fast right up until the very last day, the very last session and the very last event - it is part of what makes us us. It is why our coaches keep our kids to the end and why we always show up as needed in our last races. Meet schedules at various meets are all different and you never really know what day your best event is going to fall (well, you do know in advance of attending - the point is every meet is different) so our kids have to be ready on any day to be able to stand up and swim a best time in their very best event - it is good training for Alberta provincials or championships, Canadian Juniors, Championships or Trials and hopefully even some day a major international event like the Olympic games - our kids will be ready.

So, what is up for our guys today? The 800m freestyle, featuring the Alex & Alex duo; the 100m freestyle with Alexander Pratt; the 200m butterfly with little Cole Pratt as well as the 200m butterfly (time trail) swum in the prelims by Isak Nash. How did the morning prelims go?

Isak Nash crushed his lifetime best in the 200m butterfly by nearly two full minutes to go 2:28.33. The swim, broadcast live via instagram, was a stellar swim for Isak perfectly ascending his 50’s like clockwork starting at 30.4, 36.4, 39.6 and finally 41.8 at the end for a 2:28.33.

The starting event for the night was the 100m freestyle. Alex Pratt, who had gone a three-tenth personal best in the prelims of 51.41 (25.1/26.3) was looking to once again position himself higher up the totem pole in terms of senior team selection for this summer’s pan pacific championships after having already made this summer’s junior pan pacs and been a member of last summer’s World Junior Championships - this event was a great event to get himself some attention for the relays this summer. William Pasani and Stephen Calking had some near misses to the 50-sec mark which is a goal of Pratt’s but probably not something in the cards for today but something not that far down the road. The 100m event is not a focus event but something that Pratt uses at meets and in preparation to tune up his speed for the 200m race - since that 200m event is already done and over with here this weekend it was time to, “Cry havoc! And once again let slip the dogs of war!” That is precisely what he did.

Out in basically 6th place at the 50m mark in 24.70 - the field too quickly discounted young Alex, know for his tremendous back end speed, before having to watch him eat up 5th, 4th and then in to 3rd place for the bronze medal in a lifetime best time by a “full” second in 50.42! What a swim!

Cole Pratt qualified third for tonight’s 200m butterfly event once again going up against one of his arch rivals from North York, Joshua Liendo, a great young swimmer who has paralleled Pratt’s own progression in the butterfly with the two of them having epic head-to-head showdowns against each other in Winnipeg last summer at the Canada Games - here in Montreal would be another mano-a-mano match up with the two of them qualifying in second and third respectively separated by only four-tenths of a second. Last summer in Winnipeg with Pratt winning and Liendo grabbing silver (both swimmers under the 13-14 year-old National Age Group record) they were separated by the same margin in 2:03.42 to 2:03.68 - could this be another classic matchup all over again between Liendo & Pratt? In the end the head to head battle saw Pratt miss out on the bronze by 4/100ths of a second finishing in 4th in 2:03.61 - a solid swim to end off the week of racing.

The 800m freestyle featured our two top distance ace’s Alex Pratt and Alex Katelnikoff. Katelnikoff took the silver in the 1500m freestyle and bronze in the 400m freestyle while Pratt took gold in both the 200m and 400m freestyle - this 800m event seemed to be a perfect storm of an event with Pratt swimming “up” to the event and Katelnikoff swimming “down” to this brand new (in Tokyo 2020) men’s Olympic event. Alex P. is swimming with a little more “Front End” speed here this weekend while Alex K. is coming at it with a little more “Back End” speed.

Alex Katelnikoff led this one all the way to the 750m mark before Josh Zakala and Alex Pratt who had been there the entire time used some of their sprint speed to edge past Katelnikoff at the finish. Gold for Pratt, Bronze for Katelnikoff.

At the end of the day Alexander Pratt won the aggregate award for male points for his wins in the 200, 400 & 800 free as well as bronze in the 100m freestyle.

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Men’s Team Scores After Day 4

  1. CAMO 622
  2. PCSC 486
  3. CASC 461
  4. SAMAK 382
  5. UCSC 367