Varsity Vibes Long Course 1

 Varsity Swimmers:

Welcome back!

Welcome to our new swimmers that moved to us, Isabela Davalos, Jeanette Rosenthal, Kimberly Talisse, Alvin Zhang and Joshua Zheng!

Welcome to the varsity swimmers that are new to the team:  Blake Alford and Chloe Rose!   We are glad to have you!

I am looking forward to a great season and great training!  Remember the more time you can practice, the better you will become!


I expect each swimmer to have:

  • pull buoy
  • fins
  • paddles
  • snorkels
  • water bottle on deck at all times
  • mesh bag to store items in. 

Please make sure you have your name on every piece of equipment.  If you need to purchase equipment, you can go to Metro Swim shop in Norwalk.  Order form and list  You will also need a team suit  for meets so you can order when there.  or a plain black suit if they are not available.

We do have a locked bin on deck for varsity equipment so that you do not have to carry your equipmwnt bag each day.


 My Coach Expectations:

  • attend practice as much as possible
  • have ALL your equipment with you!
  • participate in the practice to the best of your ability
  • compete in meets when you are ready
  • participate in REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS or what ever level you will be competing at as your seasonal goal.
  • DO NOT TELL ME you are ready to bridge.  We can discuss this at a time when it is feasible, not the first 2 weeks of practice. You put in the work, attend practices, work hard and seem that you are ready, I will discuss with you and offer the opportunity.
  • My goal is to have you move out of the group and on to either junior or senior squad!  But you must be able to handle those practices FIRST.


Meet sign ups are CLOSED!  if you missed any signup, you need to advise me at once!  Once those entries go out to the host team, there is no guarantee that I will be able to add you to a meet!

Practices are posted on the schedule... Please be on time and ready to swim!!!!!



Saturday, April 14th there will be NO PRACTICE!  Right now the Junior and Senior practices are cancelled and I will be away. If there is a change, you will be notified.

If you have any concerns at all, please reach out to me at anytime.  I am usually in the Wahoo office Mon-Thurs afternoons, or you can email me 

I will be out of the office Wednesday 4/11- Tuesday 4/17. I will be at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and will have limited access to email.  I wi;; be pack at practice on Wednesday 4/18.  Practices will be covered by Coach Todd, Coach Dave and Coach Eric.