LC 2018 Super Scoop #1

LC 2018
Super Scoop #1
Tuesday, April 10th

Greetings Super Bronze and Super Squad Families!

Welcome to the Long Course Season 2018! If you are a returning SB (Super Bronze) or SS (Super Squad) family, these emails are nothing new to you, but if you are NEW to the SB & SS family…I will be sending out a Squad Update every week or every other week depending on if there are important happenings going on in our Wahoo side of the pool. My goal for these email blasts is to inform you as much as possible of important events such as Social Activities, Practice Updates, Meet Sign-Ups/Results, or any other important information that you would benefit in knowing about.

One week has passed us by already, and it was a very successful first week. Our groups are great, very cohesive, and are getting along well in the pool. So here we go!


As you know by now our Practice Schedule is on our website, and available by clicking that link (you must be logged in too!) Our first few weeks of practice will consist of a learning period for each stroke. This is a chance to clean up our strokes at a slower pace, so later in season when things start to pick up, we are swimming clean and efficiently. So as it may be “boring” for some swimmers, this is a very important time of the season!

SB Schedule Changes:
          All Normal Practice Times this week!
          Saturday, 4/14: Time Change to 10:30-11:30am (with Super Squad)
          Saturday, 4/21 – No Practice (Due to SWIM CLINIC!!!)

SS Schedule Changes:
All Normal Practice Times this week!
          Friday, 4/20 – Coach Change (I will be attending a Swim Conference in Houston)
          Saturday, 4/21 – No Practice (Due to SWIM CLINIC!!!)

All Equipment needs can be purchased online or in-store at Metro Swim Shop located just down the road on Route 7 in Norwalk. This includes the following:
1) Team Swimsuit (Required for Swim Meets, and usually needs to be ordered with a 4-5 week shipping allowance)
2) Fins (Needed for both Super Bronze and Super Squad)
3) Center-Mount Snorkel (Needed for Super Squad only)
Please see the Supplier Tab on our Website for more details.
4) WYW Swim Caps (Required for Meets, can be purchased directly from any Coach)

Please try to get your Equipment ASAP!!! I was going to wait to announce this until the Parent Meeting, but I would like to start using all of it sooner!


In this section I will update you on any important Meet topics, including but not limited to Sign-Ups available, Sign-Up Deadlines, when the swimmers events are ready to view, when results are posted, etc.

Please check out our Meet Schedule. The April and May Meet Sign-Up Deadlines have passed, however the June/July Meet Sign-Ups are still active. Swim Meets are not a mandatory activity for our SB & SS Swimmers, however, they are recommended AND a great indicator for progress and for the Coaches to see how and what they are learning at practice. Please look at the Groups Invited column on the Meet Schedule to see which Swim Meets your SB & SS swimmers are invited to.

Also, when signing up for Meets, please use the Notes section to provide me with details of which days your swimmer is available (some Meets are multiple days, typically Saturday/Sunday), or if they need to leave early on a specific day. Please DO NOT use it to suggest events or tell me which events you want them to swim. I see them every day at practice, so I will enter them in what I feel comfortable with and what I think they can compete in successfully. If your swimmer wants to swim something specific, please have them ask me at practice…this is also my attempt to open a dialogue with them, so they aren’t afraid to speak with their coaches!

6/7: WRAT 9/Under Invite (Deadline: Sunday, April 15th)
6/16-17: CDOG June Invite (Deadline: Sunday, April 15th)
6/30-7/1: WHAT Last Chance Qualifier (Deadline: Sunday, April 15th)
7/20: RYWC 10/Under SCY Finale (Deadline: Sunday, April 15th)
7/21-22: WHAT Summer Showcase (Deadline: Sunday, April 15th)

Sign-Up Deadline Passed:
4/29: WHAT 10/Under Invite
5/5: RYWC Pentathlon
5/11-13: WYW Summer Qualifier

Events Available to View:
4/29: WHAT 10/Under Invite
5/5: RYWC Pentathlon
5/11-13: WYW Summer Qualifier

Results Posted:
None yet!

Special Events!

In this section, I will give a run-down of all important dates, some of which may be repeats of things above, just to put it all in the same place for you!


We will be having a Parents Meeting where I will formally introduce myself to all of you, and fill you in on the intricacies of what Wahoo Swimming is all about!
Super Squad Parent Meeting: Tuesday, April 17th after practice at 5:45pm until about 6:30pm. Location: TBD
Super Bronze Parent Meeting: Wednesday, April 18th after practice at 6:00pm until about 6:45pm. Location: TBD

The location is still TBD for now. Please make time in your schedules to attend! I will have some very important information for you, and will answer any questions you may have!


On Saturday, April 21st we will be hosting former Olympian, 3x Gold Medalist, and 4x World Record Holder, IAN CROCKER!

All of the information is available here.


I also think that our youngest swimmers will get a huge boost in confidence and knowledge after listening to Ian speak and show them things in the pool. PLEASE SIGN UP NOW!


Please save the date, Saturday May 19th in the morning to help us take down our Bubble and make way for Summer sunshine on the 50M Pool!

Coach Dave