Wahoo Age Grouper News #1

Wahoo Age Grouper News

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Welcome Back! Please take a few minutes to thoroughly read this week’s squad email. This information will help everyone to have a better understanding of the long course season plan and set up.

Practice Schedule-

  We’ll stay on our normal schedule this week. For the spring practice schedule check here. We’ll stay on this schedule until mid-June. We’ll add some dryland sessions in the coming weeks for both maroon and gold groups. Videos-

  We will continue to use this resource this season. For new members to the squad, I sent an email yesterday to set up your swimmers to receive these videos which supplement our instruction at practice. (Note- the age minimum is 11 so use your info if needed.)

Practice Equipment- ( link to M/G equipment list)

  Please make sure your swimmers come with their full equipment bag each day. We’ll make use of snorkels very frequently on long course days this season and we’ll use fins most days as well.

  If you have any lightly used equipment (fins) that your swimmer has out grown please bring to Coach Dave or Coach Alex for Super Bronze to use!

Update to Maroon and Gold Groups Practice Attendance Policy-

  Beginning this season I’m making an adjustment in the wording of the attendance policy for the Wahoo Age Groupers. If you peek at the team handbook or at my notes from past Maroon/Gold Group parent meetings (a helpful read for new members to Maroon Group) you will see that we do not have an attendance requirement. However, we do recommend Maroon swimmers attend at least 3 out of 5 practices per week for the season and we recommend that Gold Group swimmers attend at least 4 of 6 available practices per week.

  Unfortunately, not many swimmers in the two groups are exceeding these minimum recommendations. For the short course season less than half the Maroon group made the minimum recommendation and only just over half of the Gold group made the minimum recommendation. It’s tough to improve in this sport when we are not putting in our time in the water on a regular basis. I think plenty of swimmers are making 3/5 or 4/6 when in town… when healthy… when not taken away by other activities… So, in the end, we are falling well short of the recommendations.

  To ensure we’re making enough practices to progress in the water, I’m recommending that Maroon Group swimmers plan to attend 4 of 5 practices a week and Gold Group swimmers plan to attend 5 of 6 practices a week. This should allow for everyone to stay above a minimum expectation of 3/5 for Maroon swimmers and 4/6 for Gold swimmers when other activities and duties pull us away from the pool.

The Long Course Meet Schedule-

  The June and July signups are posted. These signups close THIS SUNDAY because the coaches have to send files to the meet hosts next week to ensure we get into each meet.

  Entries are posted for the RYWC Decathlon and WYW Spring Qualifier. Please review to ensure correct days/sessions.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Gold/Maroon Meets...

RYWC Decathlon- Our goal here is to establish a baseline in each event for the new season for returning Gold and Maroon swimmers. We’ll also try to eliminate any long course “NT”s (No Times) by trying new events where needed. Please note timeline- Saturday Warm Up 12:30pm, Meet 1:15pm. Sunday Warm Up 11:30am, Meet 12:15pm.

WYW Spring Qualifier- Eradicate any remaining NT’s! I’ve set up this meet event schedule to challenge most all members of the Gold and Maroon Groups. It’ll be tough be we’ll face it together.

WYW Summer Invite- Prelims/Finals for 11-12s. We’ll take on most of our best events here.

CDOG June Invite- Maroon Group’s June away meet. I’ve split the squads between two meets to allow for a bit more specific coaching and to better set up each group for the likely end of season finish.

CAC Summer Invitational- Gold Group’s June away meet. I’ve split the squads between two meets to allow for a bit more specific coaching and to better set up each group for the likely end of season finishers.

WHAT Last Chance Qualifier- This meet is meant to be a backup only. Only Maroon or Gold swimmers who need a Sanctioned meet will attend.

CT Regional Championships- We’ll host this year! All qualified will attend.

WHAT Summer Showcase- Finishing Meet for those not qualified for Age Groups.

CT Age Group Championships- Our goal meet for qualifiers for the season.

Eastern Zones Championships- A bonus, all-star meet for qualifiers.


Go Wahoos! Don’t forget to sign up for the Breakout Swim Clinic with Olympian Ian Crocker!

-Coach Alex