DETAILS TO SHARE regarding the referendum to build a new Central pool!


Please share the following information with your neighborhood friends.  We need support from ALL community members.  Even if your neighbor does not currently have a child in D86 schools, a supported referendum that gets passed will improve their property values.  The facilities in D86 schools are very inferior to the facilities at surrounding schools.  

We haven't passed a referendum for major renovations in 56 years when Hinsdale voted to build Hinsdale South!
The cost of the new pools comes out to 24 cents per household per day, based on a $500,000 home value.

PLEASE SHARE DETAILS WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS so that they are informed, if they receive the phone poll:

A comparison of the district pools to the new pools within the area has been done.  Here is a look at about 20 new pools, the year they were built, the size, and some notes.  As well as pictures of some of these pools versus Central and South.  A picture is worth 39 million words.  You will notice that the new pools are all significantly nicer than ours, with better lighting, more lanes, aesthetically pleasing. 

The phone survey (with pool questions) is now calling random numbers in our community and is not accepting incoming calls.  (Perhaps you'll get called!)
The biggest thing we can do right now is to be engaged, especially by sending an email to the Board asking them to please include the pool in the referendum question and to talk to neighbors, encouraging them to vote Yes on the November referendum ballot question which includes new pools, as well as updating other outdated facilities at Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central.
Emails sent to will be automatically forwarded to all seven current board members, as well as copied to the Superintendent.
Thank you for your interest and support.  Outgoing HSC President Betsy Bruns represented HSC on 2 different task forces related to the referendum question.  Feel free to reach out to her with questions or talking points to discuss with your neighbors.  (