Letter from President Pete Smith

 ​Self on behalf of the Loveland Swim Club board

            As the Loveland Swim Club prepares for the long course season, we are at the time of year to celebrate the 2017 long course season and the 2018 short course season.   Each year, the club puts on its award banquet.  This year, the celebration will be on April 28th.     Availability of Mountain View Auditorium dictated a change this year so please note that this is a Saturday instead of the traditional Sunday banquets.

            The banquet is the opportunity for all levels of swimmers and the swimming families to come together for great food, social time and swimmer recognition awards.   It is great fun to see the rising stars from the younger groups and to hear about the great swims from the upper level groups.   The evening cumulates in celebration of the great achievements of the graduating seniors.   

            The closing activity of the evening is a slide show of swimming year in pictures.  Please share your photos so we can view the fun that occurs across all the age groups.  Please send photos of your swimmers or other Loveland swimmers to Sarah Smith at or add them to the drop box using this link:


            Hope you will join us on Saturday April 28th at 5:30 pm at Mountain View.  It is a great tradition and a wonderful evening for the swimmers.



Peter Smith

President, Board of the Loveland Swim Club