Breakers News April 12


Breakers News April 12, 2018


We are full swing into spring swimming, long course focus, with over 95 swimmers still swimming which is fantastic!! Our first meet is May 18-20  at Eastern Michigan University and on our updated and posted meet schedule for summer.

BILLING GOES THRU MAY- IF YOU WANT TO SWIM IN SUMMER- REGISTRAITON FOR JUNE AND JULY WILL BE AVAILBLE IN MAY. I will let you know when its open. YMCA policy to opt out of a swim, you must contact the YMCA, fill out a hold form 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE.

What is Long Course you many ask? 

We train in 25 yard pool year round and long course is 50 meters long, a true Olympic sized pool.  We must adapt our training to meet the needs of this kind of competition. 

With that being said, if you are planning to compete at these meets, it is highly important for your swimmer to be at the atleast minimum for their groups to be successful.  While this is a suggested number,2 for minis and devp,  3 for jr, 4 for jr.elite, 4-5 sr, and 5 for sr. elite, we are doing very specific workouts on a daily basis.  Getting to that one EXTRA practice at the Easling Pool, or getting to that extra one at West, will have an impact.

Summer Schedule

Look on our website on Monday 16th for a updated summer schedule.  Remember summer morning swimming (AND DRYLAND FOR JR AND HIGHER)does not start until June 13- we maintain all regular schedules until then. WE ONLY SWIM IN THE MORNINGS AFTER SCHOOL GETS OUT. This is due to the fact that even when we have scheduled pm practices IN THE PAST, attendance is very poor and not cost effective for our team.

MINIS are the exception- they are finished at the end of May but can join in Development group, for JUNE and JULY  and note we swim only at WEST 4:30-5:30 Mon/Wed or tu/thurs.

Please reach out if you want to discuss your swimmers plan. Fall swimmer registration will open up MID AUGUST.


What a great turnout! Thanks to all who helped out, certainly a team effort!!  Much thanks for our coaches gifts and especially the generosity of you all- for mine.  I can’t say how thankful I am for all you & your swimmers and the dedication to our team!!


DON’T WINCE-WE DO NOT HAVE TO DO A SPRING FUNDRAISER,!! which speaks volumes for those who participated in the swim4fundz.  We had 80% participation!

However, if you did not participate or make donation, your account will be billed $50, tomorrow,  per family, for the fundraising commitment to the team that was in team paperwork at registration.  It is my fault that this invoicing is occurring so late, but it is a team effort to make sure that we all contribute to our fundraising bucket.  All our awards, coaches advanced clinics& training (biannually) DJ, facility rental, decorations, coaches awards and special awards comes out this fund. 


If you have any questions,please don't hestitate to reach out.