April 12, 2018 News

Welcome to week one with RFSC! We hope things are going well.  The first few days have been busy at the pool. Everyone is adjusting to the new season nicely though! This newsletter is a bit long, but contains a lot of important info. Please take the time to read it over.



I will send news each week, usually on Friday. It will always be on our website under the "News" tab. News over a month old can be found in the "archives".



  •  TONIGHT (Thurs, April 12) : New Parent Meeting @6:30pm in the pool office. We will go over a few things about our team and will answer any questions you may have. Any parent, new or returning, is welcome to attend. (summer session only families… there will be another one when summer starts.)
  • Friday, April 13: All times the same. REMINDER… Novice & Age Group swim 5:30-6:30 on Fridays.
  • April 16-20: No changes to practice times.



We have a variety of ways to get apparel for the club! Some have deadlines within the next week or two. All links will be on our website under the "Apparel" tab within the next couple days.

  • River City Stitch Logo Apparel: We will once again be placing an order through RCS. Each family goes to our page on their website. Add products to your cart, pay online, and pick them up at the pool office around May 11. Some products are embroidered, some are screen printed - all are GREAT! Show everyone your team spirit!


  • CUSTOM SILICONE CAP ORDERS: We will be placing an order for our neon green logo swim caps in the more durable silicone (they also tend to hold their color better and are less likely to discolor). You may order with just our logo for $12 or you can order it personalized with a name for $15 each! The company requires you order at least 2 personalized caps. Place your order through the Google Form and submit payment to Brenda. No orders will be placed without payment being received.


  • Team Suits @ Elsmore Aquatic: Our team suits can be ordered online anytime. If you have questions about sizing, please feel free to reach out to them at the number listed on the link. All orders are final and CANNOT be returned.
  • We have a store to place orders for practice suits & accessories. RFSC gets a percentage of each order placed! Be sure to go through this link. NO ORDER DEADLINES!
  • In Pool Office: We have a limited amount of product available in the pool office. We have baseball caps, goggles, swim caps, discounted old logo swim caps, discounted old logo shirts & a small selection of suits. If you are interested, please let Brenda know so I can be sure to be in the office to help you out.



You should have received an email yesterday about an upcoming swim meet. For swim meets, we need EVERYONE to declare if you are coming or if you are NOT coming. If you would like coach to pick events for your swimmer, you can indicate that in the notes on the declaration page. Please read over all meet details on the meet page as well as the information attached to the meet page. This answers most questions people have. The deadline to declare for the HAST meet being held in Hastings on April 28/29 is MONDAY, APRIL 15.



The website has a wealth of information. Please log in to your account and look around! Dates of swim meets, practice times, special events, etc are all there. I do my best to keep the site as current as possible.



Be sure you have a credit card or ACH saved to your account on the website. This is necessary. We have a monthly billing on the 1st of each month. If there is anything due, you will be notified a couple days before the billing (although you can look at your account charges any time you are logged into online) and your payment will be automatically charged. All accounts must remain current or the swimmer will not be able to enter future meets.



At the end of practice, our coaches would like to go home as well. Please encourage your swimmer to be out of the locker room within 15 minutes of practice ending. A coach stays until all swimmers have been picked up.

Also, we highly encourage the swimmers to lock their things in a locker if available. If bags are set on the floor, be sure everything is in your bag and it is zipped shut. There are a lot of people in the locker rooms and we want all your belongings to be secure. If there is any concern, you may bring your bag to the pool deck where it is in sight.



Around the first of each month, the coaches will pick one male and one female swimmer who has excelled the previous month. Coaches are looking for things like a positive attitude, hard work, showing improvement on technique, being on time for practice, listening to coaches, respecting teammates, etc. They will be awarded a special swim cap for their efforts!



Bring a water bottle! It is very important to stay hydrated during practice. NO glass bottles are allowed on deck (even the ones with the rubber sleeve on them.)



Put your name on EVERYTHING! Things very frequently get left behind. It helps to make it back to its owner if names are on things. We do not go through lockers rooms at the end of the night, so make sure your swimmer has everything before you leave the building.



I will be in the pool office less than normal going forward. I will be there most Mon/Tu/Th/Fr from 3-5:30pm. If you need my help outside those times, please reach out via email and I can plan to be there longer. Or, Coach Michael is available to help most nights as well.



If you have a question or concern about your swimmer or otherwise, please talk to Team Admin Brenda or our Head Coach Michael. One or both of us will be at every practice. You can also email us at &


If you have any questions, comments, concerns or feedback, please let me know!

Thank you!

Brenda K. Derks

River Falls Swim Club Admin