2018 Friday Favorites April 13th

Hi All!

We are trying a new format to spread information.  We hope you like it!  Here is your weekly dose of “Friday Favorites-Stingray Style,” a list of things we think are interesting, motivating, and helpful:

What we are eating-

If you haven’t caught on to the “ One Pot” pressure cooker craze, you will soon.  We’ve been playing around with our new Instant Pot lately and it is not only easy and fast, but delicious!  Try this recipe for a great post practice family meal.

What we are reading-

In sports, like life, it isn’t enough to only be “smart”.  As coaches, we talk about the importance of EQ ( Emotional Intelligence).  In order to navigate the world around us, we need to understand ourselves and others to reach our fullest potential. 

Exercise we are focused on mastering-

This month’s Team Feed breaks down the new “Tri-Phasic” training plan.  It is well worth a look/listen to understand some of the science behind our dry-land program.  Also, if you haven’t had a chance to see it, the Nutrition Seminar was very informative!

Post of the week-

The “Way of Success…From a carpenter

Quote we love-

“Reward excellent failures, ignore mediocre successes.”

                                                -Tom Peters


*The first Long Course meet of the season has closed for registration.  Entries are done, tentative warm-up times have been posted, and meet information will be available soon.  You can view it all here.

*There will be an official’s clinic at the SPA meet on Saturday from 11AM-12PM between sessions.  If you are willing to help, please attend.  We cannot host meets without officials!

*The team store is up on Augusta Swim.  All orders before the April 15th deadline are eligible for free shipping!  If you are in need of a team suit, warm-ups, or equipment, follow the link to place your order.

Miss a past issue of Friday Favorites?  Catch up on this and many other informative articles under the Resources tab of the website.