Coach Tom Smith of PC Boca has announced this will be his final year of coaching

 Pine Crest Swimming


Coach Tom Smith of Pine Crest Boca has announced that this will be his final year of coaching with the swim program.  I have known Coach Tom since I first came to Pine Crest School.  Coach Tom was working at Pine Crest Boca then with the senior program and we quickly became friends and enjoyed traveling together with the senior team to various meets across the country.  I saw in our travels that Coach Tom was well known and respected in the swimming community, as he still is today. 


While I am sure several people are sad and concerned that Coach Tom is moving on to a new chapter in his life, please know that we are going to find an excellent replacement for Coach Tom. That the program will continue to grow and develop into one of the best swimming programs in Florida and your swimmers will be able to continue toward their personal goals in swimming. 


Pine Crest Swimming has had a long track record as being one of the best swimming programs in USA Swimming year after year.  We value our members at Pine Crest Boca and we will continue to move forward as one of the leading programs in USA Swimming and Florida Gold Coast Swimming. 


Thank you for your support,


Jay Fitzgerald

Aquatic Director

Pine Crest Swimming