USA Swimming Sport Development Consultant visits in MAY

Dave Thomas, USA Swimming S Zone Sport Development Consultant, will be in Kentucky on May 16th and will be available to do visits May 17,18,19,20,21,22 and 23. 
If you are interested in CLBMS 201 please contact him ASAP.   
See listing of free services below.  Complete and email the form (click here) and schedule a visit. 

Sport Development Consultant Services

The time will vary based on services requested.

 ____1.  Attend AM practice     ____2.  Attend PM practice.

____3. Give a Parent Presentation.

A.    Material covered is Structure of USA Swimming, Benefits of swimming, parent skills, responsibilities to the team and their child, nutrition, supplements, Why kids swim, why they stay in it, Why kids quit, Child development primer and much More

B.    Specific topics can be discussed if notified ahead of time.

C.   Ideal time is 1 ½ hours.  1 hour class; is good, anything less makes it tough to teach anything valuable

____4. Give a Board Presentation.

A.    Club Leadership Business Management Course

B.    General Q & A

C.   Other topics upon notification ahead of time.

------ 5. Meet with owner, aquatics director or executive director.

____6. Meal with the Board.

A.    Mainly Q & A. (They bring the Q I do the A)

____7. Talk with Staff

A.    Mainly Q & A. (They bring the Q I do the A)

B.    Point out the programs and services available.

C.   Talk On “Ready, Set, Manage Successfully manage your coaching staff and how to be a great assistant.

D.   Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition like athletes talk; others talks available.

E.    Staff building exercise leading into a presentation/discussion on what the best teams do.

____8. Talk with Head Coach.

            A. Informational sharing.

____9. Meal with Head Coach and /or staff.

A.    Q & A (They bring the Q I do the A)

____10. Talk to athletes.

A.    The 4 things you can do to be better (Attitude, Sleep, Nutrition and Hydration)

B.    The 5 Rules (Show up, Do your best, listen with intent, respect others, Honor your teammates with your effort)

C.   Goal Setting, Getting back on track.

D.   Senior athletes 1 hour+ talk down to an abbreviated program for younger kids that is 15 minutes.

E.    Lots of others available 

____ 11. Safe Sport Presentation (need advance preparation)

Dave Thomas
Sport Development Consultant Southern Zone
USA Swimming
719-866-3573 (o)
719-330-3824( c )