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Loveland Swimming Notes:

“Team Work makes our Team Great”

Lots going on in the next few weeks – please note the schedules and information.

Information in the news about:
Group Meetings

A brief comment on Long Course Meets and Attending Other Teams meets:
We have meets coming up in the next few weeks at several different pools and with different teams hosting the meets. The coaches felt that it is a positive to race at different pools and have swimmers race different teams and get use to different swim venues.
During the Long Course Season we must travel. When you enter a meet with different teams they have different entry rules and we do not control the entry process like we can when we are the meet host. This means we must get our entries in early to make sure we get a spot in the meet. It also means that once we send an entry we are committed to those events and changing is very difficult. Coaches will discuss this further at the upcoming Group Meetings.

The next 2 meets we are attending have not filled. This is good news for anyone that would like to swim and did not commit yet.

We will re-open the chance to enter TODAY (Sunday, April 15) – if you would like to enter the meet April 28-29 or May 12-13 please commit today. Today is the last chance for these meets!

Snow Cone Meets: The first 10 & Under Snow Cone meet is Saturday May 5th.
Details will be sent out by Coach Graham early next week. Snow Cone meets are and fun!
All swimmers will get ribbons and a snow cone at the end of the meet!

SWIM-A-THON: Swim-a-Thon info was sent out last week. Swimmers packets are available at the pool. The actual Swim-a-Thon Sessions will be next week. Coaches will send group reminders and details Monday. The web site has several tools that with a little effort can help swimmers and families with fund raising. The team administrator will send some details about these opportunities by Monday.
Greeley Splish-Splash-Bronze                    Thursday, April 19
Loveland Splish-Splash-Bronze                  Friday, April 20
Senior Group                                                    Friday, April 20
Silver-Gold-Platinum-HS                               Saturday, April 21

Swimmers and families will have 3 weeks after the Swim-a-Thon to collect donations and pledges. Please have your packets turned in to your coaches by Monday, May 14th
We have some great prizes and awards for the Swim-a-Thon! In addition we have the following Pool Challenges:
Each Training Site – MVAC, LHS, GRC, DHAC will have a Pool Goal – this will be posted Monday. Pools that meet their challenge will receive Pool Mirrors – these are a nice swimmers tool (info available at )

Spring/Summer Schedule for meets and events is on the web site. We understand that the format was confusing and we will repost this information this week.

The summer practice schedule will be on the web site this week.

Last Summer’s Team Travel Meet to Utah was very successful and we will be traveling to Utah again this summer – joining teams from Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Colorado. The dates are June 21-24.

BANQUET: Mark your calendars for the Team Banquet – Saturday, April 28th at MVHS – you can start to register now!
Registration is open through Sunday. April 22.
We also need help with set-up and take down. Team support credit is given and you can sign-up on the team web site.
The team banquet has been a hallmark for our program over the past decade and we encourage everyone to attend! The dinner includes:  sausage and meatballs in marinara, meatless marinara sauce, Mac and cheese, gluten free mac and cheese, garlic bread, salad, cookies, lemonade, iced tea and water.

MEETINGS: Group Meetings – coaches will announce their Spring Meetings this week – please try and attend these meetings next week. Information will include: Summer Schedules, Meet Info, Swim-a-Thon Info, Banquet Info.

Let’s have a great week together training and learning!