WCSC Newsletter: Note from coaches, new swimmer update & more!

WCSC Parents and Swimmers,

Greetings from the Walnut Creek Swim Club! Please read below for some important news items:

A Note From The Coaches:   Thank you swimmers and parents for a great first week of spring!  Thank you for arriving 10 minutes before your practice time. Girls don't forget caps!

The first week goals were to establish a swimmer/coach relationship as well as swimmer to swimmer relationships. It is so important to have this foundation in order to truly start on our path of coaches teaching and swimmers responding; which we will build on every week. It was beautiful to see how the swimmers were responding so well in only one short week.

Remember that your role as a parent is also so integral to coaching success--simply by at the end of practice telling your swimmer; "I loved to watch you swim!"  Give them a sense of space and independence that they know more than you do about their practice. This accelerates confidence and ownership.

At the younger age group level---"Tell me about your new swimming friends?"  We frequently talk about "our personal favorite" in the beginning of practice.  It can be simply each swimmer's favorite animal, color or ice cream.  It sets the stage of teammate relationships.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your children! See you Monday!

Best and Go WCSC,

Coaches Vicky, Tommy, Mandy, Devon and Charlie

New Swimmers Update: We are exited to see all of the new swimmers in the pool! I encourage you to ask questions of the WCSC Board, coaches and other swim parents, as well as to go to Back To Pool night discussed more below. In addition, for spring only swimmers, we will work in this newsletter to help make it clear which items pertain to summer swimmers. However, I hope spring swimmers consider adding in the summer swimming and have the swim fun continue during the summer!

Wednesday May 9th Back to Pool Night: New this year, to help both returning and new families, we are having a "Back to Pool Night" for parents which will help answer a lot of the key questions about the swim season and timed to occur before our first swim meet!  "Back to Pool Night" will occur on Wednesday May 9th in the Oak View Room at the Walnut Creek Library at 6:30pm.

Jobs Update (for Summer Swimmers): Our swim meets and socials start in June, and our swim team cannot survive without volunteer help from all of our families. There are several different jobs available to suit every family’s schedule. Review the jobs descriptions on the website here: https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=recwcscwcsc&_stabid_=77912.

  • This year every family will be responsible for volunteering at 6-8 dual meets (note: May 13th’s time trial also counts toward the job requirement). Final number of required jobs will be determined after registration is completed.
  • We are recruiting parents for stroke and turn position.  S&T volunteers will be on the pool deck in the thick of the action!  Training will be provided.  S&T parents will not be required to additional dual meet jobs.  If you are interested in being part of the stroke and turn team, please contact Gita at jobs@walnutcreekswimclub.org.
  • Jobs sign ups for the season will be released after the "Back to Pool" meeting on May 9th.

Fundraising for the 2018 Season: WCSC is now offering a team sponsorship program and we need your help! We need local businesses to help sponsor our team for the season and are asking for your help in finding our sponsors. We have three levels of sponsorships available: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Start networking....your dentist/ortho, your favorite pizza joint, personal businesses, the sky is the limit! Sponsorship letter and tiers will be up on our website in the next week, or you can contact Cherie Gann directly and get all the details at fundraising@walnutcreekswimclub.org.

Purchasing Swim Suits:  It was great we had so many swimmers able to try on our new swim suit this past Thursday!  We will announce a make-up date and the link to purchase swim suits soon. The team suit is encouraged for swimmers who will be participating in the summer swim meets, but it is not mandatory.

Social Media Fun:  In addition to a public Facebook page to help publicize our team, we also have a private Facebook group that is for current team members to share pictures and chat. For official business we will use the WCSC website (through Team-Unify) and email, Facebook is will just be for fun, go here to to join our private Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wcswim/

See you at the pool!