Welcome Officials!

A warm welcome to our officials that have joined the team!  Our officials team has grown by 12! 

If you have just joined our club, please email me ( and let me know you are an official.  Please also send Colleen an email at the PNS Office, we would like you to change your team affiliation to SMAC.  

Email with the following information:

Officials Name:

**NOTE: only home numbers are listed. If you want a cell phone number to be your contact number, put your cell number in the home number field as well as the cell number field when filling out your USA registration form each year.  
We only have one hosted meet left for the remainder of the season, a fun, 12&U Intra squad Meet at Arbor Heights on June 24th, which is open for job sign up's now.   
We have changed our volunteer hours policy for the remainder of the year for officials.  With only 1 small hosted meet left on the calendar, we recognize that there are hardly any opportunities to get your volunteer hours for the LC season.  For this reason, we are changing our policy so that working on deck for a session at any SMAC attended meet will earn you volunteer hours.  Please email me post event, with the sessions and # of hours that you worked and we will get them recorded.  We will be working on our policy this summer for the following year. 
You can find all of our events here 

Looking forward to seeing you on deck!  Please reach out to me if you have any questions, we will add your account to our officials email distribution list so that you receive officials communications.


Laurie Robbins

Meet Director.