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Orca Newsletter **Nanaimo & Beach Clean**

Orca swimmers and parents,

There was a lot going on this weekend with the Nanaimo Team Trip and the Orca sponsored Beach Clean. 

But First....some important dates:


We are almost half way  to our $10,000 goal!!

FlyGirl has taken over the lead, but she's closely followed by four other swimmers who have all raised above the top fundraising tier of $300.

 Way to go!!!

Linnea McDermid has been working hard to organize an awesome event this weekend

But you need to be registered at the following link to take part in the swim-a-thon

April 28th 3:30-4:30 all I-Can-Swim athletes.

April 28th 4:30-6:30 Regional and Stage 4 athletes who want to continue

Please bring a healthy snack to share with athletes: veggie tray, fruit tray, cheese and crackers, baked goods etc. will fuel the athletes.  It's one of the few times food is allowed on the swim deck so let's take advantage.

Up coming Meets and Important Dates:

April 28th Last day of swimming for ICS 1,2,3 Swim-a-thon is the last I-Can-Swim event unless...

May 5th. West Kelowna:  LAST Jamboree for all I-Can-Swim athletes:  swimmers can attend the Tues/Thur sessions leading up to the event only if they are entered in the Jamboree.

May 18-20: Kelowna (LC): Age Group 1+2 and Regional Tier 1 Qualifiers

May 25-27: Salmon Arm Regional Champs (SC): Regional Group and Age Group (non Tier 1+ 2 Qualifiers)

May 26th: Kamloops Distance Time Trial: AG1+2

May 31st: Last day swimming for I-Can-Swim Stage 4 and MultiSport, and Regional 1+2 (non Tier 1 qualifiers)

June 1-3: Kamloops TRU Invitational (LC):  Open to both Regional and Age Group

June 8: Orca Banquet. More info to come.


The second Team Travel meet of the year was a 1.5 day Long Course (50m) meet in Nanaimo.  We traveled in a 56 passenger luxury bus with the Kelowna Aquajets, and stayed 2 nights in a not-so-luxurious solid 1.5 star hotel, which was booked by yours truly. 

You'd think with internet I would do a bit more research into the hotel instead of typing "cheap and close to pool" into the search engine.  We got cheap alright.  There were no fancy chocolates on the pillow at this abode.  Maybe the best comment came from a swimmer who said, "Did you see the tv is shaped like a box?"

So it goes. 

But we made the best of it thanks to a wonderful group of chaperones who were willing to feed 45 hungry swimmers with nothing but large coolers and two electric elements.  A big thanks to Angela Scholefied who was the Orca chaperone representative and a voice of reason among the adults.

As for the swimming (which interrupted the bus and ferry ride) Orca was outstanding!!

Sydney Wilson, Gavin Rogalsky and Isobel Schneider clocked in with 100% best times.

Emma Scholefield, Dezi Ducheck, Jonas Mengr, Arlo Kast and Emily Jell were all 1 swim away from 100% best times.

Phoebe Chalmers, Izzy Porter, and Tayla Ingram all put in solid performances in their non-favourite events (100 breastroke Tayla?!!)

Arlo Kast and Sydney Wilson had the biggest time drops of almost 30 seconds each in the 400 free.

Gavin Roglasky was my vote for swimmer of the meet with his multiple heat winners and massive time drops in all races.

I was very proud of all our Orca swimmers, who had to deal with adversity while away from home.  I thought they represented the club and community very well, and I will continue to offer these opportunities for future generations of Orca swimmers.

Beach Clean

A big thank you to all the swimmer and parent volunteers who came out for the Orca Beach Clean. 

The weather couldn't have been better. 

Joanne filled me in and said everyone worked extremely hard and left with a feeling of community contribution and accomplishment.

From the pictures attached is looks like the beach waterfront is free of all driftwood and garbage. 

I know the event was mentioned multiple times on the Summerland Radio, so during the summer when it's hot and you need a place to take the kids, come down to Powell beach and enjoy the clean beach.

I think we're done here.

Orca Coaching Staff