The Truth about D86 Pools! PLEASE SHARE THIS NEW VIDEO

JUST IN! ...  A VIDEO TO BE SHARED WITH EVERY VOTER (especially neighbors without kids in D86.... we need everyone's support!) v=Uacr7T0P7lA&sns=em  

PLEASE READ and feel free to forward this letter and attachments from a fellow community member (who swam at Central and U of I and had kids swim at Central and a daughter who now swims in college).


Hello friends in District 86!

As you may know, District 86 (Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South high schools) are discussing a major referendum for November and a phone poll will be conducted in May to gauge interest in spending $184 million to repair both high schools and get them ready for the future.  One of the major issues of misunderstanding are the pools, seen by many as a luxury item.  This is a false assumption based on non-swimming parents and residents who have not been to either school ever or within the last 20 years, and their lack of knowledge about the current state of these pools.
A pool task force was formed earlier this year and parents from both Central and South discussed at length over many hours, the needs (not wants) of each pool.  It is obvious to any current or recent swim parents that our pools are dying and will be shut down in a few years unless we act now.  There is a very rich tradition of swimming and diving in District 86 with hundreds of All-Americans over the years and many state champions, both individually and as a team.  I can not stress enough the importance of reading the attached information and forwarding it to at least 30 friends in the District so that together we can educate as many residents as possible to the reality and needs of our pools.  And we need to do it quickly!  The Board of Education will be deciding what stays on the referendum in the near future.
Please review the attachments and if you could please send to 30 friends within D86, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please send whether or not they have children who attend either school, and especially to those families who live in the district but attend private schools like Benet, Nazareth and Fenwick, as this impacts them as well.  This email is being sent to everyone with a current swimmer, water polo player or diver at Central or South as well as friends and neighbors.  We need to reach non-swimming friends in the community as well and this is where you can help.  There is a large contingency of non-supporters to any improvements to our schools, and this can not continue.  We haven't passed a referendum for major renovations in 56 years when Hinsdale voted to build Hinsdale South!
The cost of the new pools comes out to 24 cents per household per day, based on a $500,000 home value.
If you have any questions about the attached, I can answer questions.  In addition, for more information, you can call Karen Warner, Director of Communications for D86 at 630-570-8086 or email at  This information will also be posted on Facebook on the D86 Strong page.  Feel free to email members of the Board of Education at  Emails will be automatically forwarded to all seven current Board Members as well as copied to the Superintendent. Kindly be advised that any communication received may constitute a public record which may be released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) when and if applicable.  
If you have time, you can also visit the District 86 website at:  https://d86.hinsdale86.or g/domain/360
Then, click on MFP and it will show you the Community Task Force Recommendation, the Life Safety Audit and more information.
Thank you for your time.   
Dave Chiappe