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MSSAC performs well at Grootveld!

Mssac performes well at Grootveld

 At the Grootveld Classic swim meet downtown Toronto last week of April the Mississauga Aquatic Club swimmers performed extremely well in one of the first long course meet of the season.

The Top 3 finisher for MSSAC were: Noor Bansal (2nd in 200 free), Anoushka Bose (1st in 200 IM, 2nd in 50 fly), Emilia Burczyk (1st in 100 and 200 bk, 3rd in 50 and 400 free), Beck Clinton (1st in 200 br, 2nd in 200 bk and 200 free, 3rd in 100 bk and 50 free), Meredith Coolen (3rd in 100 br), Alexander Florea (3rd in 50 fly), Alexander Fonseca (3rd in 400 free), Kevin Ireland (2nd in 100 fly and 50 bk, 3rd in 100 free), Connor Ironside (1st in 200 bk and 50 br, 2nd in 100 br and 100 bk, 3rd in 50 bk), Alison Kalman (2nd in 200 IM), Andrew Kang (3rd in 200 free), Annamaria Kapralos (3rd in 50 bk), Abdullah Khalil (2nd in 400 free, 100 br and 200 IM), Johaan Khan (3rd in 50 br), Alissa Lawrence (3rd in 100 bk), Abigail Lukasik (1st in 50 bk), Hanwen Luo (1st in 200 fly), Katie Ma (3rd in 100 br), Jacquelyne Mariano (1st in 100 free), Nathan May (1st in 50 and 100 br, 2nd in 200 br), Ella McCollum Siegfried (3rd in 50 br), Maria Medeiros (2nd in 50 and 200 bk, 3rd in 200 fly), Raquel Medeiros (2nd in 50 br), Emma Mizdrak (3rd in 50 free and 50 fly), Jaemine Nicols (2nd in 50 and 200 bk), Siera O’Hare (2nd in 50 br), Alessia Pereira (3rd in 200 IM), Sierra Toderel (1st in 100 fly, 2nd in 100 bk), Adriana Wasik (1st in 200 fly, 2nd in 100 fly), Hailey Weller (3rd in 50 and 100 fly), Andrew Paraninfo (2nd in 50 fly), Mateusz Powalowski (1st in 200 free, 400 free, 200 IM and 200 bk), Ryan Qin (1st in 50 bk, 2nd in 100 bk and 50 br), Dhruv Sapra (2nd in 50 fly), Adam Shabaka (3rd in 200 bk), Zain-Olivier Trottier (1st in 50 fly), Boris Vassilev (2nd in 100 fly, 200 fly and 400 free, 3rd in 200 IM and 200 free), Maksimas Zander (3rd in 50 free), Byron Zhang (3rd in 50 free).

Job well done MSSAC!