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Here’s what’s happening at Crimson Central:


We want to update everyone on some coaching news. We are sad to say that after this long course season, Coach Wendy will retire from coaching. Wendy has had an amazingly successful career at Crimson and YNS. Coach Wendy has been known and respected by all New England coaches for her work, her kindness and her commitment to the kids. We will have opportunities to thank Wendy over the summer. We are in the process of hiring coaches to take over Wendy’s groups and will keep everyone updated on that.

Coach Ekin helped us this winter and has moved to Florida. We would have loved more time with him and he got a fantastic job in Florida so we wish him the best and thank him for all his work with our kids.

We also want to update you on Coach Katie who moved to Houston last year. She has seen significant improvement since working with the hospital in Houston and is now walking with a cane. She has regained the feeling and the movement in most of her leg and we ask you to keep sending your thoughts and prayers that she may regain full use of the leg yet. She has been volunteering with Magnolia Aquatic Club working with their Senior and Pre Senior Group between her PT appointments.


The Banquet is this Sunday at the Boston Marriott. We are excited that 5-time Olympian Dara Torres will be the keynote speaker! Rumor is there are still a handful of seats available.


The team is traveling, and a swimmer gets sick one night at the hotel. The swimmer’s parents are not on the trip.

Discussion Questions:

What should happen?

Safe Sport says: The sick swimmer and/or their teammate should let the coach know what is going on. If the swimmer needs medical attention, the coach should make that happen and get in touch with the swimmer’s parents.

What’s your team’s travel policy?

Sport says: Crimson Aquatics has a policy regarding team travel. This policy should cover who can be in whose room, what to do during emergencies, and how communication with parents should work.

What needs to happen for this situation to be okay with the travel policy?

Safe Sport says: The coach should respond to any immediate safety concerns, including calling 911 if the situation is critical. The coach should also make sure another adult is involved with the situation, calling another coach or chaperone into the room to establish two-deep leadership, which is a Safe Sport best practice. If the coach and athlete are alone in a room (before the second adult gets there), the door should be propped open to create an open and observable environment, which is another Safe Sport best practice. The swimmer’s parents/guardians should be notified about the situation.


Bonus Question:

What do you do if you know someone is breaking your team’s travel policy (guys in girls’ rooms,


Safe Sport says: Tell someone in charge. Holding one another accountable to the rules is part of being on a team. The policy is in place to create safe and supportive environments, and it’s important that everyone on the team follows the policy.


Wrap It Up:

What do you think should be in the travel policy for our team that isn’t there already?

*For more information on boundaries, visit  To report concerning behavior, contact Safe Sport at (719) 866-4578 or 

The Crimson Central Swim Team coaching staff