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PST This Week - 4/30/18

This Week:

All practices are as scheduled!



All swimmers 13 & older or 11-12 year olds who have achieved a Senior Open Time will be attending the Fire Relief Senior Open Meet at Vallejo on June 23-24! Meet is open on OME and might close soon, sign up now! This will be the last opportunity to qualify for summer JOs and is a mandatory meet for all swimmers attending the Hawaii swim camp.

Everyone else will be going to the last chance meet in Brentwood on the same weekend.


Meet Summary :  

4/28-29 - AAA C/B/BB+ meet.

By Coach Zoe:

We had a fantastic meet for the Green and Bronze swimmers at Albany Aquatics Center this weekend! Most of our swimmers achieved personal best times in several of their events. Congratulations to Saahil, Chloe, Tristen, Jasmyn, Scarlett, Rachel M, and Allie for an excellent first meet! Also congratulations to Connor Caranozza, who completed his events without a single DQ! Thank you to everyone who helped out our new swimmers and for making it a fun and exciting experience for the coaches, swimmers, and parents.

Remember our rules of swimming:

  1. Have fun!

  2. If not having fun, refer to rule 1

We look forward to seeing you at the PST hosted meet on May 19-20.


4/28-29 - SRVA C/B/BB+ LCM meet.

By Coach Stefan:

Our older swimmers had a fantastic first long course meters (LCM) meet at San Ramon. The three goals we had were:

  1. Have a can do attitude

  2. Go out strong and build tempo at the end

  3. Leg driven strokes

All swimmers tried their best to achieve this and I must say looked good in doing so. Almost everyone swam massive personal best times and it was fun coaching this group of young athletes.

Special congratulations to Emily and Holden for racing their first meet with PST.

Many thanks to our officials, Rachel and Conan, and all volunteers for their effort, hard work and support.


PST C/B/BB+ Meet :  

  • Times: If your swimmer swam at the SRVA meet over the weekend and achieved new personal best times then please go back to your registration for our meet and adjust their entry times accordingly.

  • Register : We currently have 111 of our swimmers signed up already for our hosted meet!  The meet will close 5/5 or sooner . If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so now! Click here to see Meet Sheet , click here to sign up Online Entries

  • Volunteer:

    • If you haven’t signed up to volunteer at our meet , please do that ASAP or you will be assigned shifts in the end! If you have one swimmer, you need to sign up for TWO shifts TOTAL over the 3 days; if you have two or more swimmers, you need to sign up for FOUR shifts TOTAL. Note: Each shift is about 3 hours (ignore anything that says hours or points, system bug).

    • If you have signed up, thank you and please note: In order to accommodate more swimmers at the request of Zone 2, we made some small changes to the timing (not the length) of the shifts, so take another look at the times!

  • Donate : Have not fulfilled your 12 annual volunteer hours? You can donate to our meet! One point is equivalent to one volunteer hour. Donation link is open. We still have some open spots available for donations.


Volunteer Hours:  

  • See attachments regarding volunteer hours status, as well as instructions on how to find this on our website.

  • If you are in need of volunteer hours, you can donate items to our meet. One point is equivalent to one volunteer hour.   Click here to sign up to donate.

  • Contact Moira Belikoff if you have any questions:


Coach’s Newsletter:

Did you see our first newsletter from the coaches to the swimmers? If not, click here .


Board News:  

Next Board meeting Monday, 5/14 at 7pm @ Piedmont Police Station. All parents welcome.