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GPAC opens season at home with Flip Flop meet

A great weekend of long course racing was the highlight for the 117 GPAC swimmers who competed at the annual Flip Flop Invitational held at UWF Aquatic Center May 5-6. GPAC boasted three individual high-point winners, the team victory and over 77 % best times over the weekend.

Three GPAC swimmers earned the high-point award at the meet. Landon Garcia, 9, won the 8-9 year-old age group’s award, sweeping the win in all eight of his individual events. Landon also set seven new life-best times, along with three new ‘A’ times and a new ‘AA’time.

Logan Robinson, 11, was the top performer for the 10-11-year-old age group. Logan won all 10 of his individual events and set six new best times. He set three new ‘A’ times and four new Southeastern (SES) championship qualifying times.

Seven-year-old Matthew Vaughn, in his first-ever GPAC meet, won two individual events and was crowned the high-point winner for the 7 & under boys.

Another swimmer who stood out in her age group was Megan Corcoran, 12, who won three of her six individual events and set new life-best times in all of them. Megan broke the team record in the 200m butterfly by over ten seconds and set three new ‘AAA’ times and a new ‘AAAA’ time in the 800m freestyle. Her times in the 200 fly and 800 free are among the fastest in the nation at this time.

The multi-session event format allowed many GPAC swimmers to excel at all types of events, with many swimmers winning individual titles at the meet. Swimmers who won events over the weekend were Braden Barkley, 15 (1500 fr), Logan Gonzales, 15 (50 br), Landry Hadder, 13(1500 fr), Claire Han, 13 (200 bk), Renee Henderson, 15 (1500 fr, 800 fr), William Henderson, 15 (200 br), Alexis Hughes, 16 (50 bk), Braedan Jacobs, 12 (400 fr), Chance Keeney, 15 (200 fr), Sara Lypko, 13 (400 fr), Aiden Morgan, 14 (200 fr, 200 bk, 400 IM, 200 fly), Lindsey Rauscher, 14 (200 IM, 200 fr), Carrigan Rice, 16 (800 fr), Grace Sill, 18 (200 fr, 200 bk), Hudson Trammell, 13 (200 bk, 200 br), Jameson Walker, 12 (200 fly), Cali Wilson, 16 (200 br, 400 fr), Nevada Wood, 17 (200 br), and Emma Wortman, 13 (400 IM, 200 br).

Grace Matthews, 17, who finished in the runner-up spot in the senior girls’ age group’s high-point race won all five of her individual events.

Although still early in the long course season, GPAC continues to build its championship team for the big meet in July by many more swimmers setting new qualifying times. At the Flip Flop meet, 20 swimmers set 38 new qualifying times, including four swimmers who posted their first-ever SES cuts. Alex Birthright, 12, set his first SES cut in the 50m breaststroke. Taylor Clements, 9, set two new, first-ever cuts in 50 and 100m breaststrokes. Kevin Herr, 11, dropped a new cut in the 50m fly, and Avery Witte, 10, set four new cuts in the 50 fly, 50 breast, 50 back and 50 free.

Other swimmers making new cuts were Megan Corcoran (100 br), Sara Gray, 10 (50, 100 fly, 50, 100 fr), Claire Han (200 bk, 800 fr), Braedan Jacobs (200, 400 fr, 200 IM), Noah Jacobs, 9 (50 bk), Kouper Kraus, 10 (100 fly), Sara Lypko (1500 fr, 200 fly), William McNally, 10 (50, 100 br), Aiden Morgan, (400, 800 fr, 200 bk), Jaydah Phelan, 11 (50 br), Logan Robinson (50, 100 br, 50 fly, 50 bk), Jack Rowell, 14 (400, 800 fr), Cain Scoggins, 10 (100, 200 fr), Noah Scoggins, 14 (200 bk), Grace Sill (200 fly), and Alex Sullivan, 11 (50 bk).

Along with these top-time performers, GPAC had 47 swimmers set all life-best times in their individual events at the meet: Symone Bey, 15, Alex Birthright, AT Bridgers, 10, Madison Carmichael, 12, Jaysa Ciccone, 9, Taylor Clements, Megan Corcoran, Austin Dunsford, 11, Jackson Gehrke, 11, Lily Green, 13, Claire Han, Callie Harris, 8, JoJo Harris, 11, Oliver Johnson, 8, Thomas Kearns, 11, Chance Keeney, Connor Kughn, 14, Wyatt Lewis, 14, Lauren Logan, 13, Sydney London, 14, Brina Loos, 9, Rylee Maiorino, 16, Shayla Manthey, 13, Linden Mason, 10, Owen Mayer, 12, Piper Nissley, 8, Emma O’Neill, 13, Jaydah Phelan, Brandon Pieretti, 11, Roman Popovich, 11, Blaise Presnell, 9, Paisley Presnell, 7, Kat Ralls, 13, Lindsey Rauscher, Abby Robinson, 10, Maya Sekhon, 12, Brianna Smith, 11, Caroline Smith, 10, Jordan Stull, 12, Hudson Trammell, Jayson Tran, 13, Audrey Turner, 9, Coulson Voeltz, 11, Lily Walker, 9, Cali Wilson, Avery Witte and Landis Wood, 11.

Congratulations to these swimmers who set new long course motivational times over the weekend:

B:            Johanna Beauchamp, Symone Bey, Madison Carmichael, Jaysa Ciccone, Taylor Clements, Austin Dunsford, Gracie Fountain, Graeson Garica, Lily Green, Callie Harris, JoJo Harris, Jack Hebert, Kevin Herr, Mason Hockenberry, Braedan Jacobs, Noah Jacobs, Chance Keeney, Jordan LaBryer, Wyatt Lewis, Max Little, Lauren Logan, Sydney London, Kyle Longley, Bella Loos, Brina Loos, Bailee Luciano, Shayla Manthey, Owen Mayer, Belle McNally, Grace McNally, Kobi Menser, Korbin Menser, Piper Nissley, Blaise Presnell, Kat Ralls, Lindsey Rauscher, Carson Rice, Abby Robinson, Maya Sekhon, Caroline Smith, Jordan Stull, Alex Sullivan, Hudson Trammell, Audrey Turner, Kirsten van den Berg, Lex Vaughn, Coulson Voeltz, Laurel Kate Voeltz, Jameson Walker, Lily Walker

BB:         Madison Carmichael, Taylor Clements, Sydney Dodson, Gracie Fountain, Sara Gray, Kevin Herr, Mason Hockenberry, Cannon Hutchens, Noah Jacobs, Kouper Kraus, Sydney London, Shayla Manthey, Sarah Marks, Owen Mayer, Grace McNally, William McNally, Emma O’Neill, Manas Pandey, Jaydah Phelan, Kat Ralls, Lindsey Rauscher, Logan Robinson, Cain Scoggins, Noah Scoggins, Caroline Smith, Shelby Smith, Alex Sulliavn, Hudson Trammell, Lex Vaughn, Laurel Kate Voeltz, Jameson Walker, Lily Walker, Cali Wilson, Avery Witte

A:            Megan Corcoran, Landon Garcia, Sara Gray, Claire Han, Renee Henderson, William Henderson, Braedan Jacobs, Ina Malone, Emma O’Neill, Jaydah Phelan, Lindsey Rauscher, Logan Robinson, Cain Scoggins, Shelby Smith, Jameson Walker, Cali Wilson

AA:         Landon Garcia, Claire Han, Sara Lypko, Ian Malone, Aiden Morgan, Jack Rowell, Cain Scoggins, Cali Wilson

AAA:      Megan Corcoran, Landry Hadder

AAAA: Megan Corcoran

In two weeks some of the team will travel to Panama City Beach to compete outdoors at the Coast Aquatics’ Surf & Swim Classic, while some of the younger swimmers will compete in Gulf Shores at the PNY Armed Forces Day Pentathlon. Then the team will assemble to race some of the best competition this season at the next GPAC home meet—the Tom Lalor Invitational, which should host over 500 swimmers from around the Southeast.