CAL Preseason Clinics and Annual College Scholarship

The Chesterfield Aquatic League (CAL) will be hosting its Annual Clinics on Tuesday, May 22nd at 6pm at the Salisbury Country Club.  

The clinics are as follows:

  • Computer Training (conducted by Jennifer Sweat)
  • How to Run a Sucessful Swim Meet (conducted by Tim Faherty)
  • Referee and Strokes and Turns Training (conducted by Michael Hall)

For those of you who have worked the computer or acted as a Referee or Strokes and Turns judge, these clinics are a great refresher.

Also, we're recruiting new volunteers to train in these positions.  We'd love to have your attendance at the clinics.  If you plan on going, please let me know at or 804-240-2548 so I can have a head-count for CAL.  

Lastly, for those of you with graduating high school seniors, CAL will award two $1,000 scholarships at the 2018 Champs swim meet.  One award will go to a graduating high school senior girl and the other to a graduating high school senior boy.  The scholarships are one time awards and are not renewable each year.  More information is on the CAL website @

Thank you!