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Stroke & Turn Volunteers Needed!

What are the rules of swimming? What is it about that breast stroke kick vs the scissor kick? What is an underwater recovery? What’s with all the whistles before each event starts? Who are those people with white shirts in the best positions to watch the meet? Are there any cool volunteer jobs…the only thing left is concessions and meet set up? If you have ever wondered about these questions, then you should consider volunteering as a Stroke & Turn Judge. The Stroke & Turn Judges are the meet officials that monitor each swimming event to ensure the swimmers are executing each stroke, turn, start and finish in accordance with the rules to ensure fairness for all.  Don’t know anything about swimming or the strokes? No problem…we will train you. There is a pre-season training session with the Prince William Swim League, and then you will stand under instruction with a qualified judge until you are comfortable. 

There are many benefits of being a Stroke & Turn Judge.  1.  Free food and water at meets.  2.  Won’t be bored at meets waiting for your child’s events.  3.  Don’t have to worry about meeting the minimum volunteer hours, and if you are a family with little ones that need to be helped, one parent volunteering as Stroke & Turn can easily earn enough hours for both parents.  4.  Best viewing position on the pool deck.  5.  Work with a team of dedicated and friendly people that become good friends.  6. Understand the rules of swimming.

Please consider joining the Stroke & Turn team. We can’t run the meets without the officials, and parent volunteers are crucial. Plus, with a 10 lane pool, we need to keep a pretty good sized and trained officials team.  We’ve had some long time volunteers recently retired within the last two years due to kids aging out and we need to replenish the officials team.  If you are interested, please send us an email! We will put you in contact with our Head Referee.  There are two upcoming training events on 30 May 6-9 pm at the Occoquan Bible School in Woodbridge, and 02 Jun 9am–12pm at the Sudley Swim Club.