Job sign up information


We upgraded to a brand new website to service our  100+ families and almost 200 swimmers.  Please be sure to download the OnDeck APP.   If you have questions not found in this email, on the calendar, the attached parent guide, or any of the website tabs, email 

PRE-ORDERED SUITS, CAPS AND SPIRIT WEAR: These will be handed out the second week of practice, the week of May 21, dates TBD.   Just registered and missed suit ordering? Swimmers can also wear a plain, black suit at meets. All swimmers get a team t-shirt and cap. 

JOB SIGN UPS (not mini wahoo only parents): Each family needs to sign up for 4 jobs.  With hundreds of swimmers on deck, it takes every position to make it happen!!   It is suggested new swim parents should sign up on a laptop or computer or read the attached guide, so they can read the description, the OnDeck app does not have the job description!


  • 1 st half shift  is approx. 545-815PM (read job info for details)  Parents with 6 & unders and 7 & 8 year olds (and not any older swimmers) should sign up for first shift
  • 2 nd half shift is approx. 815-1030PM (read job info for details)
  • Weather delays at meets are inevitable, but meets have to be finished by 11:00PM
  • You can knock out your families requirement in one or 2 meets!
  • The system will send you automatic reminders a week before your shift, and 2 days before your shift. 

In an effort to make jobs more fair, some tasks have been added too:

·        Home Check in table workers now stay in position until 615. One worker reports to staging 545-615 to help get that started, one stays at check in table answer questions those arriving late.

·        Home End meet deck reset now reminds swimmers to pick up trash a couple times through the night, take down signs in parking lot and check in canopy tent.

·        Fun Friday  manager stays in position until 10AM helping clean up and help coaches hand out ribbons and cleans up.

·        Home Meet Hospitality has expanded, please read all of description.

·        6&under, 9&10 and 7&8 On-deck Safety.THESE ROLE SIT WITH THESE SWIMMERS. Please sign up for these jobs if you have a swimmer in that group!

RSVP’ING YOUR SWIMMER FOR MEETS (not mini wahoos): RSVP your swimmer (s) YES OR NO  for the six dual meets (us and another team). Meet locations are in the description, along with arrival times.  On EACH meet, you can find these attachments:

o   the parent guide

o   meet reminders

o   how to mark up your swimmer

County Meet RSVP will be opened later in the season! 


Have a great day!