SEVA Team Trip Information - June 14 - 19, 2018


SEVA Families,


One of the fun activities that SEVA does each June is combine a team trip with a swim meet. On the days when the meet is taking place, we concentrate on the meet and SWIMMING FAST. On the days the meet does not take place, WE HAVE FUN!!


Due to the many levels of swimming competitions, it is not possible to find a competition that meets the developmental needs of all ages and all levels of swimmers. In order to find challenging and appropriate competitions for as many levels as possible we alternate years for two groups of swimmers. June of 2017 saw the Senior Elite and Senior Premier Groups have a team trip and attend a meet in Plantation/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. So 2018 is the team trip year for swimmers in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Age Group, Age Group Elite and Senior Prep Groups.


The original long course meet schedule had this trip on June 21st thru 26th. If was listed incorrectly on the Florida Swimming web site. The correct dates of the trip are June 14th thru 19th. We understand that for many public schools this is the last day of classes. Most parents have said that this day is mainly a cleanup day and could be missed. It also sounds like a few middle school and high school swimmers may have an exam that morning (half day). Those that we have heard from say they will check to see if their swimmer can take the exam earlier in the week or have asked if an afternoon flight to Florida is possible.


Overview of Team Trip 2018 – Orlando Florida


Thursday, June 14th:

  • Fly From Newport News, Norfolk and/or Richmond

  • Afternoon Pool Practice

  • Evening Activity

Friday, June 15th:

  • Swim Meet – AM (13 & Older Prelims), Afternoon (11 – 12 Prelims, 10 & Under Timed Finals) Evening (11 & Older Finals) 10 & Under Activity

Saturday, June 16th:

  • Swim Meet – AM (13 & Older Prelims), Afternoon (11 – 12 Prelims, 10 & Under Timed Finals) Evening (11 & Older Finals) 10 & Under Attend Finals

Sunday, June 17th:

  • Swim Meet – AM (13 & Older Prelims), Afternoon (11 – 12 Prelims, 10 & Under Timed Finals) Evening (11 & Older Finals) 10 & Under Activity

Monday, June 18th

  • Full Day at Universal Studios

Tuesday, June 19th

  • Pool Practice In AM

  • Universal Volcano Bay Water Park (approximately 3 to 4 hours)

  • Fly Home


Projected Costs:

Airfare: $200 - $295 per person depending on airport, flight times and when deposit is received.

Hotel:$129 - $139 per night (5 nights) May include breakfast (per family or split 2, 3 or 4 ways if we able to set up a team travel type option for 13 & Older swimmers)

Van(mode of travel while in Orlando): $75 - $95 per person

Activities: $205/$195 per person (2-park pass to Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure & Volcano Bay)

Food:The goal will be to finalize a hotel that offers breakfast. Our team has been going to this area of Orlando for over 30 years so we are familiar with restaurantsthat we can get catered meals, meals to go or restaurants at different price levels. Coach Davewould with the parent trip coordinators to set up these meals. This can help keep the cost of meals done a great deal.


The Booster Club has budgeted $20,000 for this trip to be split evenly between the swimmers attending. It is projectedthat this will cover a good portion of the airfare at minimum up to 65% of the trip at a maximum. It is also possible to do a Swim-A-Thon to raise more money pay for the trip. This Swim-A-Thon would need to take place by June 11th. All funds raised would be pooled together and would be evenly divided among the swimmers attending. In order to have a Swim-A-Thon, at least two parents will need to become the coordinators of this project with Coach Dave’s assistance.



A Deposit will be required of at least $100 per person payable anytime between receiving this information and June 1st. If you would like your deposit to be larger so that the final payment is lower, your free to do that. Paying a deposit is your commitment to attending the trip. If something unforeseen occurs that prevents you/your swimmer/family member from going on the trip, you agree to pay the Booster Club for all expenses paid on your behalf up the point you canceled.

Final Payment is due by the end of the day on Monday, June 11th. The amount of the final payment will be determined by June 4th. It all depends on the number of swimmers going and if 13 & Older team travel can be offered.

All payments must be made by check payable to the SEVA Booster Club. No Cash.

Please give your deposit check to Coach Dave (Mon. & Wed. at Ft. Eustis, Tues. & Thurs. at Midtown, Fri. at Pivot Performance, most Saturdays at Ft. Eustis & Midtown.) Coach Dave can get to Midtown on Fridays if he knows a check needs to be picked up. If any of these days & locations are not possible, please contact Coach Dave at


Trip Coordinators:Up to4 parents are needed to be trip coordinators that will be going on the trip. They will work closely with Coach Dave before and during the trip. Before departing on the trip, the coordinators will work together to plan activities and meals. During the trip, the coordinators will be organizers, order and get meals, and help keep the movement on the trip on schedule. Please let Coach Dave know if you will be a coordinator ASAP.


Chaperones For 13 & Older Team Travel:(FYI – SEVA does not offer or allow 12 & Younger swimmers to participate in Team Travel. They must attend meets with their parents/guardians or a family can make arrangements for their swimmer to stay with another family going on the trip themselves)If parents will act as chaperones for 13 & Older swimmers, we can offer a team trip option. Swimmers of that same sex would share rooms (2, 3 or 4 in each room). Chaperones would have their own room. For security, safety and insurance reasons, Chaperones must become non-athlete members of USA Swimming, pass a background check and complete the USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training. Please let Coach Dave know if you will be a chaperone for this trip.


If not attending the Team Trip, please send Coach Dave an e-mail letting him know. Swimmers not attending will be entered in the meet at Midtown on June 22 – 24. The entry process for this meet has already started.


Miscellaneous Items:

  • Going to the meet, swimmers must fly and travel with a parent or chaperone. Families can choosea different mode of travel returning to Virginiabut must make all arrangements themselves. If this is going to occur, Coach Dave must informed in writing when the deposit is paid.

  • Families must send full names and birth dates of non-swimmers to Coach Dave because this information is required to purchase airline tickets. He already has this information for the swimmers.

  • Everyone going on the trip must follow the trip itinerary. Side trips/going different places than scheduled is not allowed.


Please send all questions to Coach Dave at