AESC May news e-blast

The team calendar is finished and available for meet sign-ups as well as other events that will take place throughout the season.  Champs and invitational meet event sign-ups will open when I get the necessary information for those.

The team is in search of a volunteer or 2 who will be the Fundraising chair, this person would arrange for fundraisers for the team to help achieve our long-term goals to enhance and add to the team.  This is a very important role that we need to fill. If you have any interest or know someone who would be a good fit, please let us know.  We can be contacted at


Automated Scoring/timing system

Bulkhead for judges at meets.

Apparel orders will be ready for pick-up at practices Monday evening June 4th and at the 1st regular morning practice June 8.

We NEED to get an accurate head count for the Duck Tape parade, and for the after-party lunch, if you are interested please complete the form, or e-mail the info and commit via online registration.

If you would like to sync our team google calendar with your calendar use the iCal link below.