Results from 2018 Spring Senior Champs

Congratulations to all 11 senior swimmers who competed at the Senior Championship in Pembroke Pines.

Joshua Curtis (15) 

  Erica Herrera (16)

Hana Song (17)

Dylan Graybeal (15)

  Caleb Petranchuk (15)

Hannah Thomas (16) 

Michael Hartshorne (17) 

  Xavier Robbins (15)

Gianna Tuzeo (16) 

Sophie Hassler (17) 

Avery Sanquist (18)


Our swimmers performed very well establishing new team records, swimming in finals and a lot of personal best times.

Highlights of the meet:

  • Michael Hartshorne for his 2nd Place in 50 Breaststroke for Senior Men
  • Caleb Petranchuck for his 3rd Places in 50 & 200 Fly for 15&16 Men and New Team Records in 50 Free and 200 Fly.
  • Joshua Curtis, Erica Herrera, Avery Sanquist, Hana Song and Gianna Tuzeo who swam in Finals.

Congratulations go to the Boys Team 8th Place, Girls Team 13th Place and in the combined score Jupiter Dragons Swim Team Placed 11th out of 34 teams.

All JDST coaches are very proud of our swimmers accomplishments.

Here are some stats:

11 Swimmers participated

58 Personal Best Times were established

7 athletes swam in finals (top 20) in 30 individual events – Joshua Curtis, Michael Hartshorne, Erica Herrera, Caleb Petranchuck, Avery Sanquist, Hana Song and Gianna Tuzeo.

3 Individual Medals won including 1 Silver and 2 Bronze

10 relays scored (top 20)   

3 New Individual Team Records established

Individual 2nd place:

Michael Hartshorne - 2nd place - Men Senior 50 Breaststroke

Individual 3rd place:

Caleb Petranchuck - 3rd place - Men 15&16 year old 50

Caleb Petranchuck - 3rd place - Men 15&16 year old 200 Fly

Team Record Breakers:

Caleb Petranchuck - Men 15&16 - 50 Free

Caleb Petranchuck - Men 15&16 - 200 Fly

Caleb Petranchuck - Men Senior - 50 Free

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Way to Go Dragons!!!