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RAA Swimmers Shine at CIF!

Last week RAA had a number of swimmers compete in the CIF High School Championships. There were many great races and performances. RAA had 20 different swimmers across 3 divisions and 12 different high schools at CIF.

Congratulations to all of the CIF swimmers for all your hard work and success throughout the high school swim season!!


Below are all of the CIF swimmers from RAA, highlighting those who were finalists in their individual events



Division 2

Libby Williams                    200 Free 7th, 500 Free 1st

Ben Wolf                              200 Free 7th, 100 Free 4th

Jude Williams                      200 Free 8th, 500 Free 3rd

Sam Nickell                          200 IM 6th, 100 Back 5th

Quincy Cechini                   200 IM 17th, 100 Back 14th

Carli Baldwin                       50 Free 11th, 100 Back 4th

Yousef Hassen                    50 Free 8th, 100 Free 7th

Zach Thelwell                     50 Free 10th, 100 Back 10th

Jacob Delizo                        100 Fly

Leah Thomas                      200 Free, 100 Free

Josh Delizo                           100 Fly, 500 Free

Melanie Gonzalez              100 Fly, 50 Free

Molly Thornton                  100 breast

Samuel Xu                           500 Free


Division 3

Peyton Varner                    200 Free 9th, 100 Free 14th

Ivana Bilaver                        200 Free 15th, 100 Free 17th

Sam Hornaday                   200 Free 16th, 100 Free 15th


Division 4

Mathias Scarano                200 Free 12th, 500 Free 3rd

Aidan Mojica                       200 IM 1st, 100 Back 2nd

Taylor Durham                   200 Free, 500 Free