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McComick Results

Jack McCormick 2018 - McMaster University Pool

MSSAC swimmers continue their journey for this LC season going to McCormick with clear goals: qualifying to the upcoming Central Region Championships

With 43 swimmers MSSAC participated in 83 events taking 44 times place on the podium.

Congratulations for all the swimmers and also Thank you parents and families members for the cheering.

Here's the list of athletes who got the honour of a medal:


1500 Free
Shuster, Lleyton M Gold

800 Free
Malcolm, Grace  Gold     
Powalowski, Mateusz , Gold and new Festival Qualifier 
Khalil, Abdulrahman Gold

Buli, Christopher Silver, 
Khalil, Abdullah Bronze, Kalman, Alison Bronze, McCollum Siegfried, Ella E Bronze, Lukasik, Abigail Bronze

400 Free
Mann, Evan Gold
Sapra, Dhruv Bronze

200 Free
Miekus, Mark Gold
Mann, Evan Gold
Khalil, Abdullah Silver
Chau, Phillip Bronze

100 Free
Miekus, Mark Gold
Mann, Evan Gold

50 Free
Mann, Evan Gold

200 Back
Miekus, Mark Silver
Mann, Evan Bronze

100 Back
Pilibbossian, John Gold

50 Back
Kordic, Dean Bronze

200 Breaststroke
Khalil, Abdullah Silver
Chau, Phillip Bronze

100 Breaststroke
Chau, Phillip Gold
Khan, Johaan Silver
Khalil, Abdullah Bronze

50 Breaststroke
Chau, Phillip Gold

200 Fly
Shuster, Lleyton Gold
Fenos, Lauren Bronze

100 Fly
Sapra, Dhruv Silver
Shuster, Lleyton Bronze

50 Fly
Yang, Zhenyu Gold
Shuster, Lleyton Silver
Khan, Johaan Bronze

200 IM
Khalil, Abdullah Bronze
Wang, Linda Bronze
Pilibbossian, John Bronze

400 IM 
McCollum Siegfried, Ella Gold
Bose, Anoushka Bronze
Malcolm, Grace Bronze
Shuster, Lleyton Gold
Powalowski, Mateusz Silver
Khalil, Abdullah Bronze

 - Coach Chris