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Thunderstorm Procedures

As we approach the hot & humid days of summer, there is always the chance of thunderstorms. Sometimes storms are predicted and never appear, and sometimes they pop-up out of nowhere. Therefore, here at the Peddie Aquatic Center, we have adopted the following procedures for this type of weather.

  • We will not cancel swim lessons or open swim in anticipation of thunderstorms.
  • If a storm is in the vicinity, we will clear the pool as directed by the lifeguards. Everyone must leave the pool deck & not use the showers.
  • After 30 minutes with no signs of the storm, we will allow students & patrons to re-enter the pool.
  • Thunderstorms are out of our control, so there are no make-ups, refunds, or credits for classes that are canceled due to thunderstorms.
  • Instead, Family Swim Passes will be emailed to the swim school families affected by the storms.

Since thunderstorms are unpredictable, there will not be any emails in advance of a storm. If it is determined that the storm will continue for more than 1 hour, the decision may be made to close the pool for the remainder of the day.

So, although you may be experiencing a thunderstorm in another part of the state, it could be clear skies here in Hightstown, so always assume that we are open for business. Even if there is a passing storm, it is possible that we could be back in the pool within 30 minutes.

Thank you for your cooperation.